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  1. J

    Fertilizer is on the ground

    Got about half the place done today. Used a buggy and did it myself. Expecting rain for three or four days starting Wednesday night. Price has went up $95 a ton since January. Probably all I'll do this spring. The other half was top dressed last fall so thinking I'll wait until then to see how...
  2. J

    Thawing out a frozen newborn

    BIL keeps his herd next door to my place. Found one this morning almost frozen to death. Ears solid ice, nose froze, rear fetlocks frozen solid. Mom had cleaned him up a bit but that was it. Brought him in the house and tubed four quarts of colostrum. Won't suck, won't stand. Quite a bit of...
  3. J

    Deleted / moved to calving forum

    Moved to calving forum.
  4. J

    2020 Sale Results

    Downsized a bit this year. Sold 43 head - 28 6-10 year olds, 13 heifers, and 2 babies. Made out with 25k after fees. Heifers averaged $615 a piece, babies went for $250 each. Cows went for about $589 a piece @ 0.53 lb. I think all but two were bred and would have been spring calving. All went to...
  5. J

    2019 Sale Results

    We hauled all the calves off today - 44 head total. It was packed. I think we waited two weeks too long. Grossed about 10k less than I was hoping for. Whoever bought the 14 head of heifers for 1.09 got a smoking deal. 378
  6. J

    UTV Questions & Reviews

    A few questions for those with UTV's: 1) Is there anything in particular that a Ranger XP 800 or 900 or a Mule 4010 can't do as well as an RVT 900 or a JD 825i? 2) Can they pull a trailer with 800 lbs on it decent through tall grass, 4-6" of snow, or some muddy low places? 3) If anyone has...
  7. J

    What to do with land if the cattle industry collapsed?

    I'm not a fear monger or a tinfoil hat wearing type. However, there have been a couple of times in the past where technology and society has been on the verge of change and while I haven't been bitten by it - I discounted the writing on the wall either through ignorance, fear, or a bit of both...
  8. J

    2019 Lime Prices

    Anyone have lime spread or check on it yet this year? I'm figuring ~$20 a ton spread on.
  9. J

    What is this piece on the diverter?

    We picked up a used diverter, alley, tub, and chute setup. There's a long bar with a loop and a pin through it on top of the diverter gate where the entry to the lane begins. We can't figure out what it would be used for. Anyone here know?
  10. J

    Pulled a ripe, dead one today...

    Decent cow - quite a bit of brahman in her but still a good cow on her 3rd calf. She had a vaginal prolapse about a week ago and we figured she'd calve in a day or so and we hoped to catch it in time to clean it up, put it back in, sew her up, and save them both. She didn't calve and didn't...
  11. J

    Frozen Calf

    Lost the first one of the season last night. Big bull - not *too* big. Cow was getting uncomfortable and looking for a place around 5:30 yesterday evening, went back out this morning at 7:30 and she was up and around the same place but the calf was frozen stiff. Didn't look like it ever even...