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    cattle and acorns

    I found this old post and don't agree with the statement that acorns have no nutritional value to bovines. Does anyone have any factual information regarding this subject?
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    when/how to tie a calf to "train" his neck for showing

    The ones I'm talking about would have the calves chin resting on the rail above the Herefords noses in the photo, or possibly clear up to the top rail if they could reach it. Seems like a lot of overkill, but like I noted earlier, this group has "trained" cattle in and out of the ring, and...
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    when/how to tie a calf to "train" his neck for showing

    thanks for the replies. I want to clarify my question. The tying I'm talking about is tying them high enough that their jawbone near the mouth rests on TOP of the dividers between the stalls at the show. There is no room for the calf to move. Their noses are pointed up at a good 45 degree...
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    when/how to tie a calf to "train" his neck for showing

    I've seen some people tie their cattle with their heads up, and when they walk the calves or stand in the ring, these cattle hold their heads up nicely without any pressure on the halter at all. When/how far ahead of a show do you do this? Is this somethig that should be started when they are...
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    tell me if this is normal?

    If they smelled like booze, he may have been drunk. I have a lot of people that have no respect for others property, they think they should be able to use it or hunt it if it is "there". I hunt myself and try to respect others places as much or more than my own. Also, not to be paranoid...
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    fattening steers what am I doing wrong

    I'm no expert on fattening steers, but my kids heifer won champion rate of gain(1250#) and his steer got 2nd for rate of gain after I put him on a diet because he was getting too heavy (1425#)at the county fair,both at 16 months. I'd note that if you are turning the steers out in a paddock...
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    white/yelow discharge from eyes, white snot in nose

    I took a rectal temp today, 101.00, no snot or mucus today either, She was not in the cornstalks yesterday or last night, just eating brome hay and about 1.5 # of feed, stools were not loose today either. Hopefully she is OK, thanks your your input. Look forward to using this forum more in...
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    white/yelow discharge from eyes, white snot in nose

    I was hoping this may be the case. She seems OK, same as the last month that I've had her, but neither of the other two calves with her show any of same symptoms. I'm more concerned about the eye discharge as it isn't something I've seen before, really thick, either very white or very yellow...
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    white/yelow discharge from eyes, white snot in nose

    I have a heifer calf for 4-h about 650lbs, she is on basically grass hay/cornstalks and 1lb of grain/day. She appears to have white/yellow discharge from her eyes on and off, isn't there all of the time, and white thick snot discharge from her nose, also not constantly present. -she also had a...
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    Need some advice on holding my show steers weight...

    I'm no expert, but many people hold their steers at proper weight for long periods of time. I'd look for other advice than giving up on this steer. Look for advice from people that have actually done it and done it well. Good luck.