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  1. MurraysMutts

    269 New Holland. It lives!!

    453 bales today....
  2. MurraysMutts

    Couldnt give it away

    Finally said heck with it. Lit 10 bales about noon yesterday. Just enough breeze to keep em going good. Grass is plenty green and we had rain a few days ago. Rain moved in sometime early this morning and rained all day. Cant believe it, but they are still burning. Even with the soaking rain...
  3. MurraysMutts


    They want 1200 for her. 2015 model. Just calved The 25th Price seems high to me. Dont know if it includes calf or not.
  4. MurraysMutts

    Keep or breed back?

    So I lost a calf. Cows and calves have been hanging out in the barn. One calf managed to get stepped on. I saw him down there by himself, and thought it was odd, so went to check on him. Had to put him down. Upon butchering said calf, we found a large area on his right side that has clotted up...
  5. MurraysMutts

    2 questions...

    1. So a cow that only has 3 quarters, jersey cow, is it likely that she may have issues at next freshening? I do not not know if the 4th quarter was from mastitis at this point. 2. Same cow. How/where does one go about getting milk tested for consumption? Is that even a thing. I do not know...
  6. MurraysMutts

    What the heck is this?

  7. MurraysMutts

    Big bucks for lil ones

    Bottle calves just ain't slowing down. Let someone else buy the black heifer today. 285 dollars. I quit at 250. 300 to 390 last week 200 to 240lbrs brought 675 to 715 in fairview yesterday.
  8. MurraysMutts

    Brown swiss nurse cow?

    Watched a beauty of a 5 year old 8 month bred brown swiss sell yesterday. Less than 800 iirc. She seemed gentle. Had gobs and gobs of milk already. Her bag made Bessie look like an angus bag. Lol How are they for nurse cows?
  9. MurraysMutts

    Unweaned bull calves

    Watched a small group sell yesterday. 358lbs brought 2.18 Incredible!! Several others in that weight brought nearly the same. Even heifers were up there, tho, not that high. I guess grass is coming and folks are still grazing wheat. Hope I'm that blessed come sale day this week.
  10. MurraysMutts

    Mama milk or Replacer

    So I've got a 3rd one. Planned on trying to put him on Bessie with the other 2. Got him in the pen with her while she was eating, and she was willing. Calf just wasnt interested tonight. He came right off his original mother. Had poops already this evening. So I know hes been eating. Normal...
  11. MurraysMutts

    Guess what he is...

    This is always fun for a couple minutes anyway. I'll narrow it down a bit. He is out of 2 pure breed animals. (I'll use that term loosely)
  12. MurraysMutts

    New one....

    Many have heard I was expecting a new bull calf. Excellent mother. Not the best breeding bull tho.
  13. MurraysMutts

    Brush clearing/cow eating

    So I'm about to try and clear some crap out at the lease place. There lots n lots of brush. The stuff that concerned me, is whatever it is that has thorns. Some are thorny bushes with about 1 inch long thorns. Others look similar to rose bush stems. Lots n lots of sharp straight thorns tho...
  14. MurraysMutts

    Isnt this a beautiful day!

    36 degrees. Sun is shining. Stayed above freezing all night. I got the lease place stocked with hay yesterday while the ground was still frozen. Looks like I'll fight the mud here at home a lil bit tho. Enjoy the great thaw everyone! Sure is nice to be outside in the easy chair enjoying life...
  15. MurraysMutts

    Think she will make milk?

    This category of the forum doesnt get explored a lot. Last post was wayyy back on October. Figured I'd go buy a "milk cow" and liven the place up. Just picked up this gal fairly cheap. 5x5 I think shes got a bit of jersey. My thoughts are to put a couple extras on her after she calves. Have to...
  16. MurraysMutts

    Feed or Milk?

    125lbs Just got him. Went right to feed. And drank a gallon or two of water. Normal poop. Plenty energetic but very gentle at the same time. I guess someone didn't wanna spend time with him... Has no idea what a bottle is. Wrestled with him a while this evening. I'd like to see him bigger b4...
  17. MurraysMutts


    So I've seen a few things recently that make wonder when it's time to retire from auctioneering. Things such as... Forgetting who the last bidder is/was. (Basically forgetting who bought the animal) Selling animals b4 the bidding has stopped. (Isnt the object to get the best dollar for the...
  18. MurraysMutts


    It's a comin'! Widespread power outages expected. Yada yada yada. Be careful what ya wish for. Everyone be safe and warm...
  19. MurraysMutts

    Bottle calf goals

    So I guess the goal is to get them off the milk and onto grass as soon as possible right? Let's discuss ways to do that! The way I've been going at it is feeding grain from day one basically. That gets the rumen going. Then introducing hay. Milk all the while feeding grain and hay. I've been...
  20. MurraysMutts

    Stupid heifer prolapsed

    The tan one. Macaria. She went ahead and did it last night. Shes down for now. I cant get it pushed back in. AND the vet is out of town. Jesus