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  1. Tod Dague

    Bovine Elite

    I did 12 years ago. Well worth the money!
  2. Tod Dague

    A couple of bulls

  3. Tod Dague

    Concealed carry

    Once again you are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks!
  4. Tod Dague

    Online Piedmontese Auction

    So when are ya'll going to post the results?
  5. Tod Dague

    Second hand lions

    Great movie!!!
  6. Tod Dague

    Red Poll bulls

    Good looking bunch!
  7. Tod Dague

    Breed Popularity

    In the south Red Brangus.
  8. Tod Dague

    A few brahman heifers and my nelore bull

    I like the reds.
  9. Tod Dague

    Gelbvieh/Shorthorn cross heifer opinion

    I'd keep her! :cowboy:
  10. Tod Dague

    milking chars

    How old is she now?
  11. Tod Dague

    Cow Shade? There is a design on page 10.
  12. Tod Dague

    Heifers Down (Back legs are out of socket)

    If her legs are splayed out behind her she probably tore her abductors. If that is the case it would probably be best to put her down.
  13. Tod Dague

    Right off the bull test

    Where did you test him?
  14. Tod Dague

    Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

    We have, I may be doing it wrong but I prefer the regular home made.
  15. Tod Dague

    Simmental cows

    One of the best cows I've owned was a Sim cross. I like that breed almost as much as Red Angus. If Simmentals could marble as well as Red Angus on a consistent basis I would raise them. I wish I could find a Simbrah that I liked, then I'd probably just raise replacements.
  16. Tod Dague

    mpg really starting to suck

    I have a Cummings and had a similar situation a year ago. My fuel mileage dropped and I started blowing a lot of black smoke when I towed a load. Turned out that I had blown off the air line between the Turbo and the air cooler. I hope yours is just as simple.
  17. Tod Dague

    Videos of our Sale bulls

    I just don't see why there wouldn't be. Black is dominant and we don't know what other color genes may be under there just by looking. The red angus breed does not disqualify for nose color unless it is black with black around the eyes and anus then it is registered as a category II. As far...
  18. Tod Dague

    Caustic was right....

    Years ago I worked on a county asphalt crew. We would get inmates from the county, it was some kind of day labor program. You could figure out who would last and who wouldn't pretty quick.
  19. Tod Dague

    Eating prickly pears

    We eat them from time to time. I'll have to try them with ice cream.
  20. Tod Dague

    2001 cummings diesel

    If you completely drained the filter it may take a little more.