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    Morels 2021

    Found my first morels of the 2021 season today... just emerging... so tiny I almost missed them. These are growing in the pond spillway area here at the house... black willows & a red mulberry to west and east, and a shellbark hickory(on pecan rootstock) to the north. Guess I gotta hit the...
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    What's a fair deal on neighbor haying my farm?

    Sold the cows last fall. Have pulled Neighbor expressed an interest in cutting hay off our pastures. Probably should have worked out all the details with him earlier, and I told him I'd do whatever he thought was fair, but I'm beginning to feel like he's taking undue advantage. He's a good...
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    Best online place to list equipment for sale?

    Dispersed our cowherd last fall. I know some of y'all buy/sell...or at least, for equipment. Wondered where would be my best choice for listing some of our cattle-related equipment for sale? Have a mix of stuff ranging from a Stampede Steel working chute and a couple of old...
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    Best battery charger for farm/ranch use?

    Well, after 25 yrs or so, my old 2/10/50Amp battery charger is evidently kaput...Have had it on two different vehicles with dead batteries in the past week or so, for a couple days at a time... and it did nothing other than hum... Googling 'best 12v battery charger' brings up a whole bunch of...
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    Older hay conditioner

    Looking for a used pto-driven hay conditioner... something like a New Holland 404. Don't need the mower or Not doing hay, but I have another use and need the rollers to be functional. Don't need the mower or intake reel... just the rollers. I'm finding some advertised in Canada... but none...
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    Calf chute/headgate

    Looking for recommendations on a headgate or chute for working calves... The Stampede chute we use for the cows is an abomination for working anything smaller than 500# - too much room up front for them to stick their heads off in the corners, brisket bar is in the way, and even at the...
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    2.7 vs 3.5 ltr Eco-Boost F-150

    The time's come for us to get another pickup. Looking at F-150 4x4s. Will be mainly used for routine stuff around the farm and some light hauling... 2 or 3 horses on occasion, rarely maybe 8-10 calves. Looking at models with either the 2.7 or 3.5 liter Eco-Boost engine. Probably 95 days...
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    breaking loose muffler bolts?

    Grr. Limb broke the exhaust pipe loose from the muffler on the Kubota M9000 on Saturday, inside the cowling, right where it makes a 90-degree turn. If I can get the muffler off (looks like new!), I'm pretty sure the guys at the local exhaust/radiator shop can weld the exhaust pipe back on...
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    Interesting article on Grass Tetany

    This has been around for nearly 10 years, and keeps coming back up from time to time. Following is the rebuttal that UofKY animal scientists, veterinarians, nutritionists, toxicologists, etc. penned in response to Dr. Swerczek's claims, back in 2009: Dear Editors, We read with alarm the article...
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    Use a jackhammer to dig postholes in rock?

    Trying to put up a short run of HT fence - only about 1000ft... but at one end of the run, there's a shelf of sandstone bedrock about a foot down... doesn't matter which way I move it, it's not gonna be any better anywhere in that vicinity. Been out there for a couple of hours today beating...
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    Pneu-Dart failure ... aTQ9In0%3D
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    Weaning bottle calves

    Feeding milk replacer is the most expensive and labor-intensive part of raising 'em. I want 'em off the bottle ASAP... preferrably by 4 weeks, absolutely by 6 weeks. Don't think I ever fed one out to 8 weeks, much less 10. Every time I would feed - or even just pass by the calves, I'd cram a...
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    Salt/Water Intoxication

    With the current heatwave that parts of the country are experiencing, just a quick note to remind everybody how important constant access to adequate water supply is for cattle. Just had to deal with a real heartbreaker of a case. Producer had penned 15 cows & fall-born calves in the barn on...
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    New Styro cork/cap for semen tank? Where

    Need to get a new styrofoam cork/lid for the semen tank (MVE Orion 17 ET) we share with the neighbors. Have reglued the styro plug a couple of times, but it's pulled completely off now... time to replace. Any recommendations on best place to get a replacement?
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    Experience with low-tannin Sericea lespedeza?

    I'm a big fan of annual lespedezas- Korean & Kobe, and 'Marion' saved the day, back in the drought of '98. Have toyed with trying some of the low-tannin sericea types on a couple of poor paddocks(reclaimed from a stand of 40 yr old planted pines, decimated by ice storm). Anybody got any...
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    Shorthorn-cross calves, 2 stage weaning

    We've been using some solid red polled Shorthorn sires over high-percentage Angus cows bred up from our old SimAngus base herd for the past 5-6 years. Have been well-pleased with the steers and heifers. Got the opportunity to do a progeny-test breeding trial with our Spring-calving cows for...
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    Anaplasmosis season is here.

    Took in the first two Anaplasmosis cases of the year today - one right behind the other. Clinical history was: "This cow was fine yesterday, dead today." In all likelihood, she probably wasn't 'just fine' yesterday - but unless you're actually LOOKING at individual animals, you might not...
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    Muck Boot Co. does fundraiser for HSUS

    Saw where the Original Muck Boot recently did a fundraiser for Humane Society of the US, an animal-rights group dedicated to advancing a vegan agenda, with a goal of eventually abolishing all hunting, animal agriculture, animal use in biomedical research, and eventually, even pet ownership...
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    Anaplasmosis - long

    Folks, We've been fielding calls and receiving specimens at a fast clip for the past week or so, signaling that bovine anaplasmosis season is now here. Following is an excerpted version of an update I've put together for our clientele. Hope it's informative and helpful - y'all need to be on...
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    Pouring footer for livestock scale weigh bars?

    Finally looking at installing a set of weigh bars so we can get accurate weights on cows/calves. Looking at a set that will weigh up to 5000 lb, and will be installing them under the working chute - not really a good place to put them in the alley leading up to the chute. Bar dimensions are 4"...