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    Aren't you glad you live where you do.....

    This is not staged. Downtown Los Angeles, sixth and San Pedro.
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    First time home buyers in Calif, can have govt owe up to 45%

    The California senate wants to help first time home owners with up to 45% of the ownership of that home.
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    How Southwest Airlines got started

    Some change to make phone calls from a phone booth.
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    Don't you like being kept in the dark...

    and constantly feed BS? Fauci and MSM are getting exposed.
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    Another example of Snopes slant to things
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    Leaving California

    There is a FB page by the title and folks discuss where to go and how. It's entertaining reading how folks are dissatisfied with the government and they're leaving. They discuss routes to travel, where to stay on the routes, where not to stop, etc. Many advise to sell most of their furniture...
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    How did life use to be?

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    What's going on in our air space

    What planes/helos are doing overhead. (At 28:00 you can get an idea of flights from El Paso, Tx to Kentucky.) 10:23… Try and make sense of this Park Police helo which has been tracked flying to and from Delaware, coincidental with POTUS trips (“Flash Bang” for his expression. Mentioning Biden...
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    Proper use of a grapple

    Saw this video and thought I'd post it. Might save someone some broken hoses/parts.
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    Pipe is the best way to go

    The energy secretary says, "Pipe is the best way to go..." so how is it that Biden canceled the construction of the Keystone Pipeine if it's the best way to go? Who owns the RR that is shipping a large percentage? How much did he contribute to the Biden campaign?
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    Have a friend who trucks them in Kansas City. Hasn't been very busy the last couple of weeks. Beans were 16.94 a bushel yesterday. Chinese must be going hungry!
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    It's going to get noisy

    Some will get more then others.
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    Beware of climate change

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    The actual conspiracy theorist

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    Downtown Phoenix, the contrast

    What American tax payers are doing for illegal's and what isn't being done for American citizens. James T. Harris, our awesome PHX radio talk show host, went for a cycle ride in PHX and this is what he saw last weekend.
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    New roads and bridges promised

    Well, not really. We just think infrastructure means road and bridge update/repair. Infrastructure is a word used to confuse the taxpayers. Now it means to promote the New Green Deal, which is new wording for climate change.
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    Get consent before arresting....

    What is happening in our country?
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    Gender Affirmation Surgical Services!

    Hard to believe, but John Hopkins used to be considered a good hospital. What's next?