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  1. LimousinGirl

    Fall in Oklahoma~

    I ran around our place a few days ago snapping these pics.....fall in Oklahoma is truly gorgeous! :D enjoy~ :) right down below this fence on the other side of it is the road we live on....ya can't see it tho :) you can see a little bit of one of the ponds in this one... our old dirt...
  2. LimousinGirl

    Neighbor Bull difficulties...question

    So, the neighbors bull came over twice in a week and possibly bred my best cow and one other cow. My bull is out there but I don't want to take any chance of having this neighbor bull sire any calves...lets just say he's NOT a bull I'd ever want to breed my cows too. I'm thinking I'll probablly...
  3. LimousinGirl

    Cattle Fly Rub

    Hey Guys, got a question-it's probablly been asked before, but anyway~~I've never had a fly rub before, but been wanting to try one, fly tags just don't do well enough it seems. So are these really effective and worth it? Do ya'll think this cattle rub -->
  4. LimousinGirl

    Angus Bull for ya'll to critique

    Here's the new Angus bull...EXAR RAVEN 84054. He's 14 months old, kinda smaller framed but that's what we wanted. Can't wait to see what his calves look like next year, should be some fine Lim-Flex's :D His sire is BC 7022 RAVEN 7965...
  5. LimousinGirl

    Question about sale catalog

    Okay, this is probablly gonna sound like a really silly question but I've tried to figure this one out and just can't get it. I've been looking through a bull sale "catalog" that I'm planning to attend, and there's over 500 bulls selling and LOTS of them say by them that they are "Selling 1/2...
  6. LimousinGirl

    Starting early this year...OK Tornadoes

    What a day yesterday...tornadoes all around us. At least 8 people were killed in one. We got in the shelter til we thought it passed over, came out and about 30 minutes later we got hail close to the size a tennis ball, man, if you ever want to hear LOUD, I thought I kept hearing the roof beams...
  7. LimousinGirl

    Ice Storms Can Be Fun.....

    Especially when you got an ATV to pull the sled with! :D he was FLYING here :) here they come... doesn't look like it, but he's goin' FAST... the barn~~cows got a snugly place under that wing :) here comes the little guy! He wiped out just before this pic :lol: *FUN* stuff... LG
  8. LimousinGirl

    Too Cute...needs a caption!

    Anybody got a good one?! :)
  9. LimousinGirl

    Time for some Black cow pics :)

    After reading and seeing so much Hereford ('course there's nothing wrong with that) I decided we should post some black cows...just for a little variety. :) Here's a few... I know this pic looks a bit weird, it's cause there's a ridge right by the barn making it look really unlevel :) wonder...
  10. LimousinGirl

    Question about aborting-

    I had 2 cows aborted on Saturday...I know they come back in heat quick after you do that, and since I wasn't out there to check them much yesterday (Sunday) I'm thinking I must have missed the heat, anyway, I just wanted to make sure if I let them out tomorrow that they'll be fine? (like that...
  11. LimousinGirl

    Random Cute Pictures :)

    Came across a couple pictures I've taken in the past year...and thought some were pretty cute, so I'd post a few :) my little brother...he was so excited to take these flowers to mom that he'd picked :) "leaves are so much fun!!" Takin' a rest in the feed trough after a walk through the...
  12. LimousinGirl

    Boy she changed: Angus heifer pic

    I was looking at pictures of when I first got my angus girl, and boy has she changed! ::She looked pretty homeless when I got her:: ::a month and a 1/2 later:: (sorry, this picture isn't very good) ::And this as in June, which she looks about like this now, 'cept hopefully a bit...
  13. LimousinGirl

    This picture needs a caption!

    I was looking through my pictures this morning and came across this was just begging for a caption! :) Have at it! :D
  14. LimousinGirl

    Happy Birthday M Gravlee!! :)

    Hope ya have a great day today!!! :D And Thanks for making this such a great forum! :) We appreciate all your hard work! :D :D
  15. LimousinGirl

    4 mo. old Lim-Flex Heifer

    Well, give her another week and she'll be 4 mo. :). I'm pretty happy with how she's looking confirmation wise, but I'm a little concerned about her size. She seems kinda small or stunted or something. I know it's hard to tell by pictures, but what what would you guess her weight to be? What...
  16. LimousinGirl

    Duck...anybody know what kind THIS is?!

    This little visitor was perched on top of the barn a few mornings ago...I thought it was a decoy one of my brothers had put up until I saw it move...boy was I surprised! :) I was curios to see if anybody knew what kind it is??
  17. LimousinGirl

    Pictures of the Cows and a few calves

    Finally got these uploaded and posted on this dial up! :) Some of these were taken today and some a few weeks ago... like Red Bull Breeder said awhile back that he was posting pictures of Limo's to keep this board from being "Herford Today", I'm gonna help him out! :D these two lil' calves...
  18. LimousinGirl

    Question about aborting

    2 days ago the neighbors bull obviously wanted a wife...yep, he pushed through the fence. Funny though, the whole 3 or 4 yrs since we really started getting into this he's not came over once. Guess he decided it's been long enough. Now, this bull...well, lets just say it's not the best bull in...
  19. LimousinGirl

    When buying a bull...

    What are some of the major things you want to look for in the bull? What questions should you ask the breeder? I could probablly get the answers I'm looking for by doing a search...but, I don't got time. ~LG :D
  20. LimousinGirl

    Angus Heifer...what do ya think of her? (pics)

    First off, this girl is a little over 18 months old, do you think she is small for her age? And yeah, I know she is a little fat...but thats mostly all from grass :) But I am tryin to get some of that off her before I breed her in a few weeks. Anyway, what do you like/not like about her? I...