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  1. Tod Dague

    Pig Auctions Central Tx

    Anybody know of any auction barns in the central Texas area that sell pigs/hogs? Taylor used too but are no longer. We used to buy pigs from there and take them straight to butcher at the local FFA chapter. Most of the breeders around here cater to the show market and want an arm and a leg...
  2. Tod Dague

    Opinions on this bull

    Anybody used Messmer Packer? What faults do you see in him structurally, my eyes aren't as keen as some of ya'lls?
  3. Tod Dague

    What do you think of this bull

    I'm thinking of using him. For those who receive the Red Angus Mag. there is a mature pic of him in last months page 53. His EPDs are fine with me (his birth is a little lower than I normally use) so I'm just wondering what others thought of his phenotype and any flaws I might be missing...
  4. Tod Dague


    I basal sprayed some mesquite about a month ago. These had about 2" bases. How long should I wait to cut theses out?
  5. Tod Dague

    Why Parents Drink

    The boss wondered why one of his most valued employees was absent but had not phoned in sick one day. Needing to have an urgent problem with one of the main computers resolved, he dialed the employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whisper. 'Hello?' 'Is your daddy home?' he...
  6. Tod Dague

    Purple Prairie Clover

    Any body know about Purple Prairie Clover. It is supposed to be a warm season legume. I'm have some unimproved pastures that I'm trying to improve. I figure if I can get legumes growing just about year round it wouldn't hurt none. I found this ...
  7. Tod Dague

    Fescue in Central Tx

    Will fescue maintain itself in Central Tx or would I have to repant every year? I currently have ryegrass that reseeds itself every year but would like to improve the early growth some. I figure since fescue is a perennial that once it established itself that it should have better early...
  8. Tod Dague

    Books worth reading

    The village horse doctor: west of the Pecos / [by] Ben K. Green Wild cow tales ? by Ben K. Green He has a couple of other books out but I haven't got to them yet.
  9. Tod Dague

    Weed control

    Here is a good link.
  10. Tod Dague

    Why all the fancy feed?

    I have not shown any cattle. My oldest dtr. is already showing interest in showing when she is old enough. We are wanting to start learning now so we will be better prepared when the time comes. Anyway, I am feeding my bulls and feeder steers up on shell corn, cotton meal, lime stone and...
  11. Tod Dague


    Can RFD TV be watched on the net? If so where?
  12. Tod Dague

    Ford 6.0 diesel

    I'm looking at a 2003 F250 6.0 L crew cab 2 wd. Are these engines any good? What kind of power and fuel mileage could I be looking at?
  13. Tod Dague

    Should I breed her or wait?

    I am synchronizing my cows. I put in cyders and gave a shot of cystorelin yesterday and I have a heifer in heat this AM. Should I pull the cyder and breed her or just continue with the sync?
  14. Tod Dague

    Diesels and chips

    Does anyone on here not run a chip on their diesel? I have an '01 Dodge that was averaging 18 mpg before the chip and is now averaging 22 mpg. I bought the EZ chip about 3 months ago for $300 from someone who had just sold their '01. I had hoped to get a gain of 2 mpg but ended up with 4...
  15. Tod Dague

    I've never been good at this

    I've never been one to ask other people to pray for something, but this time it's a baby. She was born less than a month ago at 23 weeks gestation. She had been remarkably well until recently. She developed a slight intracranial bleed about a week ago a level 1 on a 1-4 scale. The bleeding...
  16. Tod Dague

    calf with a limp

    He has some swelling just above the pastern. It didn't feel like a fracture to me. The site felt feverish but the calf didn't have a fever. No cuts or puncture wounds around the cannon, pastern, or hoof. He is getting around fine with no droop. The vet was already home and I felt that the...
  17. Tod Dague

    My brother's bull

    The pics aren't very good but I think you can make them out. The bulls haven't settled in just yet. He is out of my Brandi Ice cow and Gold Robber.
  18. Tod Dague

    Window film

    I saw an article about a clear (not tinted) window film that blocked radiant heat and UV rays but on the light. Has anyone heard of this or did I have too much to drink that day? If you have how makes it?
  19. Tod Dague

    soybean hulls

    Anybody know of a source for soybean hulls, pelleted or not, around Texas?
  20. Tod Dague

    I have an EPD question

    If bull A has a wean EPD of 50 and bull B has a wean EPD of 30 bull A calves "should" average 20 lbs heavier at 205 than bull B when bread to identical cows. If you have two cows with a milk of 20, one a wean of 50 and the other 30 shouldn't the cow with the 50 wean calves average 20 lbs...