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  1. LimousinGirl

    Will you , won't you ??????

    I know there's tons of info out there on it, and I ain't getting the shot for sure, but I received this.....something worth pondering. :) _________________________________________________________________________________ No one should take the swine flu vaccine. It is one of the most dangerous...
  2. LimousinGirl

    Fall in Oklahoma~

    Thanks ya'll! :) how cool lotsa friends in the Tulsa area. ummm, well, kinda. I've done a wedding, some senior pics ect...but love best photographing stuff around the farm--my cows and the like. :D oh, Auburn ag~~go right ahead.....
  3. LimousinGirl

    Fall in Oklahoma~

    Thanks! Sorry for you guys that don't have any color :( cool you got to travel through here in the fall--it sure is pretty ain't it! ;-)
  4. LimousinGirl

    Fall in Oklahoma~

    Thanks ya'll! Hey kerley, you used to live here? TexasBred--yep, we got the red dirt alright! I didn't know about the red dirt soap, just knew you could get clothes dyed red from the dirt ;-) That's cool though. Red're right, we don't have the tall hills & trees like you guys have...
  5. LimousinGirl

    Fall in Oklahoma~

    I ran around our place a few days ago snapping these pics.....fall in Oklahoma is truly gorgeous! :D enjoy~ :) right down below this fence on the other side of it is the road we live on....ya can't see it tho :) you can see a little bit of one of the ponds in this one... our old dirt...
  6. LimousinGirl

    My boys

    Oh my word, they are *SO* cute! :)
  7. LimousinGirl

    Express Ranch

    Man do you ever want to go to one of their sales! The whole ranch is pretty cool. :nod:
  8. LimousinGirl

    High speed internet in the boonies

    We have it...and yeah, it is $60/month, but I can't say I like it that much. Seems its more often that we don't have a signal then when we do, and when you don't have a good signal it goes deathly slow, like right now. :) But that might depend more on you're location, I guess we're so far out we...
  9. LimousinGirl

    Just a few pics

    I actually didn't know how to do it till he showed me--we put it on a tripod and set the shutter speed REALLY slow, where the shutter would stay open for a long time, like 15-20 seconds sometimes. Really cool how it worked! And it was really pretty simple. You might have to adjust the aperture...
  10. LimousinGirl

    Just a few pics

    Hey, cool pics...and I like the lightening shot! I was just playing around the other day with a friend taking lightening shots, pretty amazing what you can get. :D
  11. LimousinGirl

    Here's a black 'un for you guys

    I like him! :D
  12. LimousinGirl

    Neighbor Bull difficulties...question

    okay, thanks. One more thing though, this just happened Sunday, she was in standing heat then--if I'm remembering correctly, don't you need to wait 10 days before you give her the shot?
  13. LimousinGirl

    Neighbor Bull difficulties...question

    Nope, she wasn't. It was too late to breed her, I like em to calve in early spring, so I've just waited till now to breed her.
  14. LimousinGirl

    Neighbor Bull difficulties...question

    So, the neighbors bull came over twice in a week and possibly bred my best cow and one other cow. My bull is out there but I don't want to take any chance of having this neighbor bull sire any calves...lets just say he's NOT a bull I'd ever want to breed my cows too. I'm thinking I'll probablly...
  15. LimousinGirl

    Advice On Picking a Limousin Bull

    Isn't that right!!!!!! :D :D :banana: Gotta love Lim-Flex!
  16. LimousinGirl

    Cattle Fly Rub

    Cool...thanks for the info guys. I'm gonna run this idea by my brother and see if he thinks it's a good one--he's all for helpin' with the flies. :D
  17. LimousinGirl

    Cattle Fly Rub

    Hey Guys, got a question-it's probablly been asked before, but anyway~~I've never had a fly rub before, but been wanting to try one, fly tags just don't do well enough it seems. So are these really effective and worth it? Do ya'll think this cattle rub -->
  18. LimousinGirl

    New girls

    OH MY! :D I thought they were goats till I saw you said they were sheep! I was thinking "I wonder WHAT kind of goats those are!! They are pretty though. :)
  19. LimousinGirl

    Spring Pictures (Which pair do you like better)

    Nice lookin' cattle there! :nod: Like the middle heifer but the bulls dam. :)
  20. LimousinGirl

    (Pics) Update 4/24/09

    They look nice, WHF. Would love to see more pictures in a couple months! :) At first when I saw there was 3 pictures of the bull, I thought it was 3 different bulls and was thinking "why in the world would he have 3 bulls for only a few heifers?" :lol2: Then it dawned upon me.............LOL.