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    Color question...

    Your bull carries one or two copies of the brockle gene. Common in solid colored breeds and dominant in expression.
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    Planting our wintering area

    We have a 4 acre wintering area that needs heavy renovation this summer due to mud - there is no saving it this time. We are up north, the land is sloped and silt loam with a lot of manure/hay/stalks from feeding on it all winter. We will be using it again next winter. Our goal is to get it...
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    Priefert head gate seized up

    We inherited a Priefert model 91 head gate when we bought our place awhile back. Never had any use for it until now as we also have a squeeze chute. Decided to add it to an alley. The gate won't open, looks like the lock box on one side won't move up and down the bar. Is there a trick to...
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    Hereford markings

    Posting this here to avoid hijacking the "cow bred by two bulls" thread. In reference to Black and Good's hereford bull that throws solids. This suggests heterozygosity for the hereford marking gene (ShS+) instead of ShSh like you would expect. Which may explain how the feathernecks have been...
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    JD 535 round baler belt sequence

    Does anyone have this baler or the manual to it? The picture in our manual for the sequence of the long and short belts when installed is printed so dark you can't read it and we are questioning if we might not have the belts on wrong. Thanks!
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    Winter's knockin', & I ain't ready

    Today I will be running in panic mode, still have cattle out on fall pasture and hay to haul, among other things. My window for fall chores is closing but fast. Thought I had a few more weeks but Mother Nature has other ideas I guess. This starts tonight. WINTER STORM WARNING...A POTENT STORM...
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    Fescue in hay

    Ok, stupid Northerner question. Hay is short up here and we have a lot of people bringing up grass hay from Missouri. Our cows have never seen fescue, and I don't necessarily trust someone who says there isn't any in the hay. So if I got some of this hay do I need to worry or should I pass on it?
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    Red Gelbvieh bull - not everything on CL stinks! ... 07387.html Saw this pair show at the MN fair, couldn't believe my eyes when they showed up on CraigsList. Won that class over some pretty stiff competition. Dam is a beauty, would love to a herd just like her. Wish I was in the market for a...
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    Field peas

    Anyone have experience feeding field peas to cows? I'm looking at using them as a protein/energy source to supplement some poorer hay. Cows are entering 3rd trimester.
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    Grazing corn stalks, cash rent price?

    I'm going to talk to a neighbor about renting a field adjacent to us for corn stalk grazing, but want to be prepared with an offer. The corn looks really good compared to a lot as it is wetter land, so I expect it to yield well for him at combining. I will have to install a temporary electric...
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    Must be breeding season...

    Just got in from implanting CIDRs in the heifers and cows. Heat index is 100 F. Thought I was gonna die. Cows took it well though. I had to keep reminding myself as to why I'm doing this now, and that is to avoid snowdrifts during calving season. Hopefully the heat breaks by the time the...
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    What would you do with it?

    We have a 5 acre "pasture" that we use as our wintering area. We have planted it to sorghum-sudan in the summer but I don't like having to wait as long as I do to turn them out in the late fall as it seems like we never get a good killing frost soon enough and worry about poisoning. Anyway...
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    It's 90 degrees, but winter is coming

    Spent some quality time with the herd today fixing a tank float. Nothing breaks unless it's hot and humid or cold and snowing, just the way it goes... But then I noticed the calves are laying down their winter coats already. A bunch came up to the tank after I got the water going and every...
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    Pheasant recipe needed

    I received a gift of 3 boned-out pheasants. Any good ideas?
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    Tehama Bando 155, Sitz Traveler 8180

    Any comments about these two? I have a cow with both in her background but am not familiar with them.
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    HXC Jackhammer

    Has anyone seen him or his progeny? I have seen some hot heads from his sire and am concerned he may have inherited that trait.
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    Black Angus CC&7

    Anyone have calves/seen calves/heard reports on this bull?
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    Back in the linebred Angus thread dun said: "I was talking to Clint Berry the commercial marketing director from the Red Angus association and he said the single biggest complaint he hears about Red Angus is feet. We haven;t had a problem with feet but we are real sticklers about foot and leg...
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    Silage storage options

    We have been putting up corn silage the last few years due to drought. We have access to a large bunker silo with a paved floor. The first year we had a packed covered pile and was unhappy with the waste we experienced on the edges and top (very hard to keep the tires on the sides as rain/snow...
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    Online semen warehouses

    Looking for experiences people have had with online semen sellers. I have only purchased straight from the major bull studs in the past but am thinking about trying one of them due to selection. Any experiences to relate good/bad/ugly would be appreciated. Feel free to pm me if there is a bad...