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  1. _H Ranch

    Biden - Putin Summit

    You got TDS bad buddy.
  2. _H Ranch

    Let's see your brand....

    nice ones.
  3. _H Ranch

    Preferred weed spray?

  4. _H Ranch

    Let's see your brand....

    Nice one
  5. _H Ranch

    Let's see your brand....

    Hides can not be given away where I am at. They actually charge slaughterhouses to take them.
  6. _H Ranch

    Let's see your brand....

    I have lived in both CO and UT. Here in Utah, we use common sense. Cattle need to be branded for ID. I take no pleasure in branding but it is necessary. Colorado is a different story. Half of the population is nuts. No offense to the guys living in CO, but I am sure they know what I am talking...
  7. _H Ranch

    Let's see your brand....

    Never get tired of looking at new brands Ive never seen
  8. _H Ranch

    Let's see your brand....

    Heres mine. Been around since 1800s.
  9. _H Ranch

    Any advice

    Those steaks look good.
  10. _H Ranch

    No back up or Alley stop

    Thinking of making one, as $300 seems a lot for what you get.
  11. _H Ranch

    Fair rate to pay someone to check cows

    If he is a good person, Im sure a fair price can be reached
  12. _H Ranch

    Hydraulic cattle chute

    I doubt anyone has, as this is the beginners board.
  13. _H Ranch

    New Cows

    I wish we were buying every week. You must have a huge operation. Congrats.
  14. _H Ranch

    Blue/Green Algae poisoning

    sorry to hear that.
  15. _H Ranch

    A few future bulls

  16. _H Ranch

    It Is Done

  17. _H Ranch

    Waygu Cows

    You are smart. I just hate being out at that time, but sometimes you do what you got to do. Hope you get all of them.
  18. _H Ranch

    Waygu Cows

    looks like the heat of the day in the photo. Thats when I like to siesta.
  19. _H Ranch

    Finally got a squeeze chute

    replaced legs. Now just got to add treads and paint. So close. before/after
  20. _H Ranch

    Beef Breed vs Jersey Cross Freezer Beef Taste Test

    Need steak and eggs now for breakfast haha