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  1. Angie

    Supporting Membership w/ Cattle Today Decals

    Supporting Membership now comes with 2 Cattle Today decals! If you are interested in helping support this community while getting decals and some extra account features please visit: Cattle Today Supporting Membership
  2. Angie

    Beef Butchering Forum

    A new forum made by requests from many of you. Please visit and keep it active. Thanks.
  3. Angie

    Everyone okay?

    Just checking with all of you to make sure you're okay. This storm going across the country is messing with many folks. So, stay safe, and stay warm.
  4. Angie

    November/December Photo contest - Christmas / Holiday photos

    Starting today lets start a new photo contest. And since it's the Holiday season starting tomorrow in the US, let's use that as the theme. You do NOT have to send me the photos for posting. Just post them yourself. Everyone here is an adult so we don't need to do a blind vote. Let's...
  5. Angie

    Opt-Out of Ads

    Hi all, we've just now turned on the ads. Remember earlier I showed you how to Opt-Out of seeing them? Here's how once more. But you must be a registered, logged in member for it to work. Go to that link, then look about 1/3 down the page. Check the Disable Ads. Look to bottom of page to...
  6. Angie


    If you can read this, your email will not accept a reply from me. I hope the email the forum sent you went through.
  7. Angie

    How to post a poll

    I had to search this issue as in this version of the software they've moved controls for the forums. You can just go to the forum and start a thread. Once you open the message box you should see discussion and poll tabs. Click on the poll tab to set up the poll. I do not have them set...
  8. Angie


    Tonight you'll be receiving the first newsletter giving you a summary of the happenings on the forum. Many people use it to go directly to a post that they are interested. Many members that have faded away but are in good standing will receive it and remember the forum and may log back in...
  9. Angie

    User Control Panel - check it out

    If you will look at your name in the upper right hand corner and Click on it, a box will open with other selections. When you have a few minutes start exploring those settings. It gives you a good bit of control over the site.
  10. Angie

    Saving CattleToday icon /link on a phone/tablet

    On an android phone use either Google or I use Chrome and type in the forum address. When you get the forum, you will go to the three dots in the upper right and get a drop down menu. About 2/3 of the way down is Save to Homepage. Click that. Now you have an icon on your phone/tablet...
  11. Angie

    Posting an image within a post.

    Images/photos are now so easy to use. 1. In your post look down at the lower left for the Attach Files button. This will take you to your storage area on phone, tablet or laptop. Chose one and do whatever your equipment uses to cause the upload. You will see it fill up to 100%. At this...
  12. Angie

    New S/W notes

    Posting a message: Look at the forum index and chose the forum that best fits your planned post. Click on that title and you'll see the index of threads in that forum. You have two ways of initiating the post you are making. 1. Look at the top far right and you will see a Post Thread...
  13. Angie

    Hi everyone

    Hello to all of you. I know some of you have been seeing me around the forum today after the change over. Here's what's happening. The forum was sold by M. Gravlee to a a couple of guys that are a small company that has a few forums. I help get the software set up for the members...
  14. Angie

    Ads are coming and how to turn them off when logged in.

    Hi all. This is a most important post I make at first. There are ads coming to the top/bottom/side of the forum. But don't worry, all you need to do is log in and then click on Go down that page about 1/3 and you'll find the settings to...