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  1. Down in Dixie

    Another..."last" update.

    If he likes Sturgil Simpson he can name her Juanita. I like his stuff as long as it’s not his attempt at rock. That crap was terrible.
  2. Down in Dixie

    Poll Dec '23 Photo Contest, Too Dang Hot/Cold Part 2

    You know it’s hot when they get in the water and find the shade.
  3. Down in Dixie

    Pac 12 now down to 4 teams.

    Think this will be the first year in a long time the SEC won’t be in the championship. In my mind Texas deserves to be the one loss team in. FL st is in but will get destroyed right off bat. GA or Bama would be a better contender than FL st.
  4. Down in Dixie

    Castrating a bull

    Bought some cheap 5 wt bull calves this spring and had the vet castrate them while we were doing vaccinations. He used the drill method with no bad side effects. Some very minor swelling but no effect on them laying around and not eating.
  5. Down in Dixie

    Things I bring home from the sale without reading fine print

    I have names for the twins last year. The female is Martin. The male is Free because I found him wondering the pasture. Dont know of any other females names Martin.
  6. Down in Dixie

    Things I bring home from the sale without reading fine print

    Heifer named Dave. Kinda like a boy named Sue. :unsure:
  7. Down in Dixie

    Post a random picture

    Had a nice moonrise last night.
  8. Down in Dixie


    Look like ugly Wagyu cows to me. Glad they eat better than they look. The red is a F1 I posted earlier and the blacks are F3
  9. IMG_6923.jpeg


  10. Down in Dixie

    7.3 Powerstroke heat

    Thermostat on mine hangs open. Not that bad but never reaches operating temp in cold weather. Guess it’s a common problem.
  11. Down in Dixie


    Here is one of my f1’s at just over 2 months old back in august. Just put him in the weaning pen this afternoon. Maybe I can get him on the scales tomorrow and see what he weighs. Checked my record and I weighed him at 14 days old at 125 lbs.
  12. 71261873255__131F5F62-5071-4339-843F-AEB47ED96687.jpeg


  13. Down in Dixie

    Post a random picture

    So my property is fenced and my feed out lot is a fence inside a fence. Dove season is open right now. I have another field I seeded in winter grass that I jumped about 50 dove in today once the rain cleared up. May invite some neighbors over to shoot.
  14. Down in Dixie

    Rain 🌧️ !

    I ended up with just a hair under 3”. About 3 months to late but I will take it.
  15. Down in Dixie

    Post a random picture

    Chickens attract snakes and I can‘t stand snakes.
  16. Down in Dixie

    Post a random picture

    I could have a heck of a dove shoot right now. Is this considered baiting?
  17. Down in Dixie

    Post a random picture

    Speaking of poop. Took this from my feeders this morning. Looks like they are getting enough grain
  18. Down in Dixie

    Rain 🌧️ !

    When I first went out this morning I was showing 1.5” in the rain gauge. Well needed rain.
  19. Down in Dixie

    Cow/Calf Wannabe Retired in Alabama

    I doubt that. Still have midstate stockyard right down the road. Lived in this area all my life and been to Capital tractor many times and didn’t even know that place was there right across the road from it. I would say from the lack of advertising and not visible from the main road is probably...
  20. Down in Dixie

    Veterans Day

    Here I am making the best of it in Afghanistan. That’s only 500 lbs of explosives I’m riding. Happy Veterans Day to all the other veterans out there.