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  1. cfpinz

    Winter Auction

    A few nice things mixed in there, along with the majority of new junk.
  2. cfpinz

    Post a random picture

    Buzz Ball would have been a good name for her! Wishing I had brought you her sister, as sleep is greatly overrated.
  3. cfpinz

    Post a random picture

  4. cfpinz

    My old D4D does a great job

    I'm envious of those green leaves, we won't see them again until April.
  5. cfpinz

    7.3 Powerstroke heat

    The thermometer has been stuck open in my 97 7.3 for 2 or 3 years now, new one has been sitting on the shelf in shop for a little over a year now. Little to no heat but I haven't noticed any change in fuel economy - and I've checked mileage every tank for the past 12 years.
  6. cfpinz

    Post a random picture

  7. cfpinz

    2019 F 350 SW 6.2L Tow Report

    It had plenty of HP, just felt lacking in the torque department. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to be impressed by the engine - the simplicity and overall design are very attractive. But it's not in the same ball park as modern diesels in terms of torque.
  8. cfpinz

    2019 F 350 SW 6.2L Tow Report

    I was very interested in a 7.3 gas to replace the '97 7.3 diesel that I currently drive every day. A buddy of mine was truck shopping last summer and wanted me to go with him, we tried out a 2022 F250 with the 7.3 and 3.55 gears, 10 spd automatic. I took it up I-64 on Afton Mtn (long, steep...
  9. cfpinz

    Adding Insult to Injury

    Poor Snickers!
  10. cfpinz

    2021 Dodge Ram 3500

    My 2019 Ford has two motion sensors in the overhead console to detect intruders if the doors are locked, and will set the alarm off in the middle of the night if there's a candlefly or other large bug in there. I cut the sensors off in the menu in the dash, but the truck will randomly cut them...
  11. cfpinz

    Proteam auctions

    I'm sure there's a lot better out there, but I bought a set of these the other year after breaking off a titanium bolt in the exhaust manifold of a new 6.7 Ford and was impressed for the money...
  12. cfpinz

    Keep the Cattle In

    That may or may not have happened here once. Burdizzo...
  13. cfpinz

    Cool Clouds

    Very cool. Wonder if a jet cut through the cloud cover at an angle?
  14. cfpinz

    Exchange student

    That's awesome, good on you!
  15. cfpinz

    Still good people

    This is the first I've heard of your ordeal, Mr. Kenny. Praying you get better soon and the doctors get you straightened out. If there's anything we can do, please holler.
  16. cfpinz

    Driving Home Naked

    I know quite a few female vets that I consider on par with their male counterparts, and are welcome at my farm anytime.
  17. cfpinz

    Driving Home Naked

    That's what I'm talking about! TC - The "Driving Home Naked" book has been laying on our kitchen counter for a couple of weeks now, don't think the wife has started reading it yet, though. As an aside, if anyone knows of a young vet (or two) that would like to work in a large animal only...
  18. cfpinz

    Rain or shine!

    That's pretty neat. Never knew Kansas had tarantulas, though.
  19. cfpinz

    Grease Choice

    I use the red HD lithium grease from TSC in just about everything. I bought one of the 18V grease guns like Mr Trent mentioned above, that thing is the bee's knees.
  20. cfpinz

    Flails or rolls?

    We don't fool with any alfalfa, but I don't see a difference in dry down between the flails and rollers in grass hay here. I've got two Vermeers with the steel rollers and Dad has a NH with the flails. The flails may leave the windrow a tad "fluffier" in the right conditions, but they're tit...