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  1. MistyMorning

    Is It Just Me?

    My gawd GA you are still such a smart axe!
  2. MistyMorning

    Going cow calf to feeders

    Thanks Steve I’ll get the book. And thanks all for the discussion I can tell I have a lot to learn in the near future.
  3. MistyMorning

    Going cow calf to feeders

    Hey Aaron thanks for the kind words. Since calving is goi g to start here soon the feeder deal is going to have to wait. So I’m very interested in how your operation goes with the feeders. The feeders definitely are something that might get Work real well here so I’m getting on the learning curve
  4. MistyMorning

    Going cow calf to feeders

    Thanks you guys. Gives me a good idea of what needs I’ll have to address. One question what do you mean by “green? I’ll probably have more questions as I think this stuff over. Thanks again!
  5. MistyMorning

    Going cow calf to feeders

    Since I can’t call my go to guy from here anymore need tons of advice and thoughts about getting out of cow calf and go to feeders. So 50 acres pasture Northern mn. I’m thinking supports a cow/calf 2.5 per acre. Sometimes more sometimes less. When do I buy feeders at this latitude and at what...
  6. MistyMorning


    My friend my mentor you have always been there for me with good sense advice and sometimes with things I didn’t want to hear but needed to. Your stories made me laugh like a crazy person. They also made me realize that this world really isn’t black and white but many shades in between. My...
  7. MistyMorning

    5 year old Cow 8 months bred

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. The cows here always start acting that way around a month before calving.
  8. MistyMorning

    How many coats of paint....

    I would definitely go with this plan. Only thing to add is to let each coat dry really well in between applications.
  9. MistyMorning

    acronyms and big words

    We use them all the time in my line of work. Pages and pages of them. I like to change them sometimes, keeps the mind sharp. An old Cattle Today member had one I just love to this day....FOCUS F Off Cause Ur Stupid.
  10. MistyMorning

    Meanest Prank Ever

    She didn't really look too upset, looked staged to me.
  11. MistyMorning

    I saw the strangest thing today

    I saw a dog sitting in someone's shopping cart today. Not a service dog. I'm thinking "REALLY" I have 3 yes 3 yellow labs at home and I came shopping to get away from their constant chit show!
  12. MistyMorning

    Are Guns America's Biggest Problem?

    The endless banging of the head emoticon indicates some kind of frustration or ridicule with what the poster wrote. Did you read the original post? I posted it in the belief that guns are NOT the problem. I totally agree with you that it is a social, mental issue within our society. Now how...
  13. MistyMorning

    Are Guns America's Biggest Problem?

    Katpau, ignore the ignorance of the poster, it was an inappropriate response to someone who is in the heat of the fire, how can they ever understand what your community is going through? I too am just an ignorant gun owner. I know how to shoot a skunk, porcupine and misc other rodents native...
  14. MistyMorning

    Are Guns America's Biggest Problem?

    Katpau, so sorry for your community, my heart goes out to all of you.
  15. MistyMorning

    Are Guns America's Biggest Problem?

    boondocks, I ran across this essay the other day and even though the author wrote it in August of 2015, prior to the Oregon school shootings, I felt it best summed up how I was feeling at this time and every time there is another mass shooting. Any and all subsequent postings by CT members...
  16. MistyMorning

    Are Guns America's Biggest Problem?

    Thank you.
  17. MistyMorning

    Dont get complacent

    Hope you heal quickly! Thanks for reminding us, so very easy to get complacent around the farm, be it with equipment or large animals.
  18. MistyMorning

    Are Guns America's Biggest Problem?

    Jonathan Byrd Musician, songwriter, veteran, North Carolina preacher's son Are Guns America's Biggest Problem? Posted: 08/31/2015 10:56 am EDT Updated: 08/31/2015 10:59 am EDT I grew up with guns. Country guns. Shotguns. .45s and .38s and beer cans on fence posts. That was...
  19. MistyMorning

    Question on F-250

    Thanks folks for the responses. I probably didn't need to make my question specific to the F-250, as a lot of vehicles have the flex fuel option.