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  1. Beefy

    Front end loader cylinder

    It'll take me all day to get the snap ring back on. :drink:
  2. Beefy

    Front end loader cylinder

    Ha! You sure about that?
  3. Beefy

    Front end loader cylinder

    Looks like a new one is around 150 so probably 300 at jd
  4. Beefy

    Need advice on Rye Grass and Wheat Planting

    I usually don't get stuff planted till after Thanksgiving but have had about the same results planting in late december. ONE year I didn't plant until the first week of January and it did ok.
  5. Beefy

    Front end loader cylinder

    Started leaking hydraulic fluid (pouring really) yesterday while clearing privet bushes and some small trees and dead poplars. SEAL looks busted up for sure. I guess I'll take it off and into the deere place since I don't have time to fool around. ANYBODY worked on one or know how much to expect...
  6. Beefy

    Ryegrass instead of oats or wheat

    I usually feed hay until middle February then turn cows on grazing sometime between middle Feb and mid march. I may turn a few head in here and there after it comes up, mostly special needs cows but no major pressure til later on. LAST year I planted oats in the fields and ryegrass and crimson...
  7. Beefy

    Ryegrass instead of oats or wheat

    Southwest. No rain here since Hermine came thru
  8. Beefy

    Ryegrass instead of oats or wheat

    I'm considering broadcasting ryegrass into 3 fields that I normally plant oats or wheat in for wintergrazing. One field was planted in millet and the cows have been grazing it all summer so it looks pretty bare aside from a few pigweed stalks. Seed would make contact with soil easily and cows...
  9. Beefy


    Just do whatever I don't do.
  10. Beefy

    Perilla mint

    I found a crap load of perilla mint today in a wooded area that I normally graze this time of year. No clue where it came from--pow! I'd already mowed some of it when I discovered it at the edge if the woods. Ugh.
  11. Beefy

    Grass on new land

    When do you throw out your clover?
  12. Beefy

    Free car

    My free phone is on backorder with my economic stimulus check
  13. Beefy

    Grass on new land

    Same here. Trying to decide between 9, quik, and 85. The bahias are going to take over anyway unless I fight them with spray all the time plus they will reseed themselves there and wherever I feed. I've heard lots of good things about the quik except the price. I need something resistant to a...
  14. Beefy

    Free car

    Who won the free cars? Once again I'm late to tha party
  15. Beefy

    What To Do With Giant Satelite Dish

  16. Beefy

    unrolling hay

    No I have the balesqueezer that hooks to the back of the tractor. I think it's called a bale pikup or something. Ive had it for probably 10 or 15 years. Works pretty good. Sometimes the haylage gets tangled in it and I've broke the spinners off a couple of times but I don't know how I ever fed...
  17. Beefy

    unrolling hay

    I unroll 6 rolls everyday with a deweze. No way all mine could get a fair shot at a hayring. I guess it sucks having to feed cows everyday but I don't know since it's been that way for 35 years.
  18. Beefy

    Getting carried away by ants

    Apparent ant population explosion. What to do?!
  19. Beefy

    Baling pearl millet?

    it makes good haylage. i have 55 acres that will be ready to cut and wrap soon. i usually get two cuttings. and then have some left to graze. just put 65 more in this week for grazing. i may plant some more instead of cotton. :hide:
  20. Beefy

    where's the beef?

    been checkin on cows.