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  1. dun

    Easy way to figure calving dates.

    I use cattlemax. Since it was improved and has to done online I find the Excel way easier and quicker to access on the desk top
  2. dun

    Spraying locust

    The devils handmaiden
  3. dun

    I became a widower today

    Yup, it isn't anything new. In 1980 a friend of mines son (17 years old) drunk and started yelling at his mother. The dad grounded him for a week, 2 days later he was arrested for child abuse. He ended up doing 3 years for it.
  4. dun

    Anybody watching the Superbowl..............

    Do they also have a category for "early release" rather than "not a catch"
  5. dun

    gert cross

    BC: So it doesn;t matter if the cow is registered or commercail if it isn;t gert? The reason I ask, the people that bought this farm raise purebred gerts. Harold is here now and I really like him and his calves. Since we won;t ever own another bull (100% AI if I can handle) and the season he...
  6. dun

    Nefertiti, King Tut's Mother

    With her name I always wondered if she had big boobs
  7. dun

    Lost a Neighbor to the Flu

    In this area it's so common that a large hospital in springfield opened a spare floor and turned it into nothing but flu. They are considering doing another floor now. The floor I was in was ICU and held over 200 people. That's with 1 person per room don;t know if the 7th floor is like that...
  8. dun

    Spraying locust

    If you cut a large one and really sok the snot out the cadmium layer with basal spray, i.e. Remedy + Diesel it will kill the once connected with that particular tree, but it takes a long time. And you will notice that a tree a long distance away will die and ones closer won't even wilt. That's...
  9. dun

    Drought Buzz ?

    I quit using what has happened before in a cycle based on for us "normal" means something will be different not the same
  10. dun

    Easy way to figure calving dates.

    I use excel. I enter the breeding date formatted as "date', add 283 format as "number" and the answer is formatted as "date". If you PM me your email I can email the chart I use.
  11. dun

    gert cross

    I've read on here about gert crosses being registered (or equivilent) for crossbred calves. The only registered Red Angus we have left are both 1B, 90+ percent Red Angus. Do thir offspring from a reg gert bull count for the registered/equivilent program
  12. dun


    It's tiring mostly because the ag tires are rough riding on hard surfaces. If you get a self unloading trailer you would only need the tractor at the loading end. Haul the full trailer home and unload, then repeat. I've hauled hay in with 8 on the trailer with my wife pulling it with the...
  13. dun

    Anybody watching the Superbowl..............

    I didn't watch it but about crapped when they announced the final score on a news feed.
  14. dun

    I became a widower today

    In a lot of cases I've seen the best thing is a good dog
  15. dun

    Dodge 2500/3500 Ball Joint/Front End Life

    At least your cat knows what to use a dodge for
  16. dun

    Drought Buzz ?

    hellsbells the pros around here are lucky if they get it right just going day to day. The most common comment around here for the TV/and NWS weather people is "it's supposed to rain,snow, be dry 5 days from now, " but that's a long ways away
  17. dun

    Health papers to cross state lines.

    I think a lot of it has to do with what state you are entering and what state you are leaving. The folks that bought this farm bought a load of Hereford bred heifers and they got stopped coming from tx to MO But that was during the height of the trich and bangs problems tx was having.
  18. dun

    Pushing calves

    The difference between beef herds and dairys makes conception rates apples and oranges. If the loe first service conception is basicly the same in every herd then so be it. When I was DHIA testing here I found the conception rate varied significantly. The herd I AIed for was the second...
  19. dun

    Okay I'm going to go political!

    I'll be darned. POs me that you can bet the poloticians will be paid on time
  20. dun

    I became a widower today

    Just a heart isn;t enough, bears repeating