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  1. bball

    Sell 4 Weights or Sell 5 Weights?

    I been dabbling in this a bit myself lately and will take a stab: -being able to assess the critter quickly in ring; i.e problem vs opportunity; sharp eye - having the self control to stop bidding as your window for opportunity shrinks - having the knowledge and means to get them through the...
  2. bball

    Do yourself a favor..

    And watch the documentary "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix... Ever find yourself wondering how did the world get so screwed up? Or maybe how did YouTube know I would like that video? What's wrong with our youth? Our country? People? Many answers await. I would say enjoy, but, it's not something...
  3. bball

    My stocking rate

    The reason I ask Steve, I have some marginal sandier soil types and have been kicking around inexpensive ways to add some bio matter to the soil. Chicken manure is too costly, hog guys wont give up any. Was considering contacting the local septic pumpers and inquiring about tilling the effluent...
  4. bball

    My stocking rate

  5. bball

    1017 lb bull calf

  6. bball

    Jayson Penn - JBS USA Inc Arrested

    Chicken check off dollars truly at work! :hide:
  7. bball


    May I ask where in NM? Was stationed out there for a few years and loved it. Cloudcroft, Ruidoso, etc were just beautiful
  8. bball

    Quality of Healthcare during Covid mayhem

    I am truly sorry your wife and you are having to deal with such crappy circumstances. As far as no pain meds being sent home, you can thank the drug seeking population for making this the unfortunate reality. I personally do not know of any ER that will send controlled substances home with a...
  9. bball


    Several factors: An absolute halt of all elective procedures in surgery, a complete shutdown of all physician office visits, a decrease in “routine” ER traffic, an unbelievable amount of rental equipment costs(air scrubbers, tents, PAPRs, heaters, testing equipment, etc) a significant increase...
  10. bball


    I know of a particular facility that lost 750k for just the month of April.
  11. bball

    new truck

    I pulled the trigger on a 2018 F-350 powerstroke crew cab dually with Cadet 9ft stake bed, 15,000 miles. Made a low ball offer and the dealer was so ready to sell something that they only tried to counter once. I stood up to leave and they changed their minds about the counter. It’s buyers...
  12. bball

    Explain this please

    This is a complex problem with many facets. It will take several interventions if we ever hope to balance the disparity between producer and packers. Govt regulations are a necessary evil because they are supposed to maintain marketbalance and protect the public. Unfortunately, that is not the...
  13. bball

    Explain this please

    Great post brother! You explained this situation, as complex as it is, dang well.
  14. bball

    new truck

    I'm a real cheap skate i guess. I try to walk the line with ONE truck. I TRY to keep it nice enough to go into town if need be without too much embarrassment and I also drive it through pastures, mud, sand knobs, pull hay wagons, cattle trailers and haul the tractor over to the other farm. I...
  15. bball

    Cattle Pricing

    With all due respect ma'am, I just haven't seen that here in America. I have been to several cattle auctions in TX, NY, IA, and IN. All have had water and hay available to the cattle. I have yet to witness anyone beating on the cattle. That would just be bad for business wouldn't it? I'm not...
  16. bball

    Cattle Pricing

    The sad reality is that our culture has been conditioned, for a few generations now, to believe everyone should eat for cheap. Our government leaders have promoted and implemented this because it's an effective means to pacify the masses. Full bellies do not rebel historically. Yet, the same...
  17. bball

    new truck

    I'm in the same boat except my 2008 Duramax is rusting out. Redid the front end/steering as you did last year. Only has 200k. Power locks and windows are quitting on me now. Was thinking exactly like you are; making the transition to a Ford gasser. Definitely lightly used for me though. Keep...
  18. bball


    What does one do with this information?
  19. bball

    Drum mower question

    Well, the results are simply delightful! My wife (who only has 3 teeth) paused from her plate just long enough to remark , "you don't need no teef to eat this beef!" There is rumor in Memphis of a social movement that desires to change the name of the beloved Elvis classic, "Love me Tender" to...
  20. bball

    Drum mower question

    I dont wanna highjack your drum mower thread, but it was a brisket from a fat we took in back in Oct. I would say its lightly trimmed. Still has quite a bit of fat cover. Been steady at 192 since 0400. Foil is ready to un roll!