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    Dead head calf

    Kind of like Bird Dog, too long in birth canal resulting in a "dummy" calf. I had one last year. It turned out to be my biggest calf of the year that fall. All the replies are possibilities and I have had several over the years. They sometimes chill and die outside. Shut up in barn with cow and...
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    Experience from years ago.

    Some people, even some who are well respected, can justify just about anything, if money is involved. When I was about the same age, I was determined to buy a farm but had no experience whatsoever. No machinery, no cattle and no family help except my Dad who knew less than I did. We did have a...
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    We do not have hogs yet, but this is the worst year for moles I have ever seen. The yard is a maze of mole tunnels. The hay fields are covered with piles of dirt where the little varmits exit their tunnels. Almost as bad as Caustic's picture. (but not quite). Even the pastures have them and they...
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    Are they ready?

    We get wet cold here but I also like my calves born early, mid January and February, If the weather is bad I put the cow up in an old well bedded tobacco barn. I think I get less scours than those born in the more traditional muddy March. The calves are ready to take off when grass comes on in...
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    Are they ready?

    I have some similar heifers, mine were born in January. I plan to breed them in late April or May. If the market recovers, I may sell them while they are still open.
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    Years ago, in my part of Kentucky, nearly every hollow and hillside had a young boy with a gun roaming over it, dreaming of shooting something wild. Today they sit in front of a screen of some kind in air conditioned comfort. When I bought this farm, all my neighbors were active farmers, using...
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    Lander, Wyoming

    Been seeing CowboyRam posts pop up often and noticed he is from Riverton, Wyoming, near Lander. Now I have never been much of a traveler, but in 1974 a friend and I got in an old white 6 cylinder 1962 Chevrolet truck that had a shift on the steering column that kept popping out of gear, and...
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    Who left the gate open ?

    Gates and doors to the feedroom are a constant source of worry. I get stuff on my mind and can not remember if I shut them. This has led to many trips back to check and make sure.
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    Which bull to use?

    Are all your cows roans? A solid red shorthorn bred bred to a black Angus makes solid black calves that will sell well commercially if you need to go that way. I think that would also meet your requirements for freezer beef. If your cows are mostly roan that cross will give some blue roans, to...
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    Pictures at Given Weights

    Estimating weight by just looking is difficult. The more cattle you see weighed, the better you get at it, and I can't explain why. You need live experience, not just photographs. I am better at weights than I am at age on cattle just going through a ring or in a pen. Cows in particular can...
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    Bad advice?

    It seems the only stock I sell for a decent price, compared to national prices, are weigh cows and bulls. I admit that most of my calves are around 650 lbs. and a little fleshy, but with more pounds I still get a better price per head than by selling them lighter. Back in August and September...
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    Thanksgiving hunting

    For years my home county allowed one doe each year to be taken. I did not check the game laws as I should for I only hunted on my farm and did not even have to have a license. Well, one year they made our county a "Buck Only"county. I went out from the house to the back hayfield and had a nice...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Giving thanks, what an idea! Happy Thanksgiving
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    Job I don’t like.

    I had an Anatolian/Great Pyrenees dog, Sadie, for over 15 years. I never touched her during all that time, as she was shy of people. She lived for her sheep and goats. As far as I know, she never did a bad thing in those 15 years, unless you count digging a hole under the old corn crib so she...
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    Post a random thought

    Winter is not as much fun as it once was. I dread instead of look forward to it.
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    Case Knife Experts.

    After a lifetime of carrying a pocket knife, a couple of years ago I noticed I had quite a collection of old knives from as far back as the 60s in an old tackle box. Many had broken springs or a cracked handle, all had blades worn down by sharpening. All brought back memories of old friends from...
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    Rain 🌧️ !

    We had almost an inch and a half this morning, beginning in the early AM and just now tapering off. No runoff and last I looked still no flow in the creek. Most rain since June, I hope we have turned a corner. Luckily, I have water fountains, well located, that are supplied by city water and...
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    Case Knife Experts.

    Most any Case knife is worth something. The larger "hunter" style knife is older. With a replaced blade it would be pretty nice and worth near $100 if the handles are bone, as they appear to be. It is hard to judge from a picture. The other knife is newer but in better shape. With new scales it...
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    Should have stayed home today!

    Cloudy all day yesterday and only 0.03 here; the weatherman had been promising more. It will be dry again by noon.
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    Soybean hay

    Our foxtail here is a different plant than that out west. It is a summer annual grass that cattle do not particularly like, but it does not harm them. I have fed lots of foxtail hay over the years with no bad effects. The man running the combine only cut the soybeans that stood high above the...