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  1. Brad B

    blackleg shots

    Up til this year we blacklegged at about 3 months of age. We lost two calves this year to blackleg. One at 5 weeks, and one at six. We did them all when that happened, and haven't lost any more. We will now do it before 4 weeks. Brad
  2. Brad B


    While you guys are talking about signs, have you ever noticed that on certain moon phases you can dig a post hole and won't have enough dirt to fill the hole back up. And that's with the post in the hole too. I don't know what phase of the moon it is. When I was a kid, I use to think my dad...
  3. Brad B

    Bovatech feed

    Are there any problems with feeding Bovatech feed to lactating beef cows? I guess I should say are there any problems when you stop feeding it to them? With the ionophore in the feed, I'm wondering if I will have any cocci problems when I stop. Brad
  4. Brad B

    Survey Question

    You are right about that. I quit for nearly a year one time, and never did lose the craving. My doctor said that a tobacco addiction is harder to break than a heroine addiction. Brad
  5. Brad B

    Survey Question

    I started dipping Copenhagen when I was 13. A can per day. Wish my dad had kicked my ass for starting it. He chews and started when he was 10, so he said he'd have been a hypocrite for not letting me try it. Got sick on a dip a week or so ago, after dipping for over 20 years. Smelled just...
  6. Brad B

    birth weight

    Hmm.. I thought estimating calf weights only happened over here. :lol:
  7. Brad B

    Where to move to.....

    If you check out AL, check out south AL, more specifically SW AL. Lands too high in the north half. Too many folks too. Land in NE AL runs 2-5K per acre, much more of the 5K than 2K. South and SW you can find large tracts of rough ground for 500 per acre, good land for 1500. Run a cow per...
  8. Brad B

    Tractor / hay equip

    Don't know if someone already mentioned this or not, kinda skimmed the posts, but the biggest plus that I can see from baling our own hay is that we get one more cutting of hay per year. Over the years we used two different guys to bale our hay and they always came about two weeks after we...
  9. Brad B

    Loose Minerals

    Several different good types. Depends on where you are, and what your area is deficient in. For example, our area is copper deficient, and we use a mineral that has extra copper in it. Also, find a mineral that the cows will freely eat. We have tried several types that the cows wouldn't...
  10. Brad B

    Need Help!

    The land leasing is a good option. Especially if you can get a signed lease/purchase agreement. Not sure if it's the same in every state, but if you get a l/p agreement in AL, then you have the legal, right of first refusal if the landowner ever sells the land.
  11. Brad B

    what to cross with angus

    I'd second that too.
  12. Brad B

    My Black Herd Sire

    Nice bull plb
  13. Brad B

    what to cross with angus

    I've got a few Angus X Brangus cows. They are super momma cows. Brad
  14. Brad B

    water for sale

    We got 7 inches of rain in two days last week. Supposed to get several more tomorrow and Wed. Guess it's a good thing we live on a mountain. Not too good when digging fence post holes, but nice when all the water runs off.
  15. Brad B

    Blackleg vaccination

    dun, we must have posted about the same time. I agree, it's a cheap shot, and we always give it, but we apparently waited too late on one calf this year. I'm wondering if we might have missed giving the blackleg shot to the momma last spring. She might not have had much blackleg immunity to...
  16. Brad B

    Blackleg vaccination

    txag, that's about the same age range that we normally vaccinate too. Mine and my dads herd both calve starting in mid-late Oct thru Christmas, and we normally shoot them in early Jan. However, my dad lost one this weekend to Blackleg at 5 weeks of age. Needless to say, both herds got...
  17. Brad B

    My Black Herd Sire

    txag, that's as good a looking Brangus bull as I have seen. That was also one heck of a Hereford bull you posted a pic of in another post. Jake, I like that second bull of yours best. He looks like a truckload of muscle. I bet his calves are stout.
  18. Brad B

    Blackleg vaccination

    One of our local cow vets suggests vaccinating at day old. Another suggests waiting until 2 months of age to vaccinate. The reason he suggests to wait is that the maternal antibodies in a calf younger than two months will not allow the vaccine to produce immunity in the calf. The way I see...
  19. Brad B

    Ring Worm?

    We bought a bull once that cropped up ringworm about 3 weeks after we bought him. The vet told us to rough up the spot with a wire bristled brush, enough to bleed, then soak in iodine solution. Seems to have worked fine.
  20. Brad B

    Happy Birhday Jake!!

    Happy belated birthday Jake!