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    151 and 69 made the local news!

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    The airing of the grievances

    Another thing with the teenager is his smell. It drives the cattle beserk. Something about that teenager funk. These are my two pet heifers from pet cows. Super gentle. The teen shows up they will start bucking and trying to give him a head butt.
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    The airing of the grievances

    2020 heifers with the zero on the shoulder. Yes, I am 52 which feels old until a group of local cattlemen meets up and I am the baby.
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    The airing of the grievances

    This teenager that works for us deserves his own thread of a breed. His mother is a drug addict and his papa is in the penitentiary. Lives with his grandfather next door to Doc so he tried to take this kid under his wing and give him an after school job. Time will tell if this was a good idea...
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    The airing of the grievances

    Eventually I overwhelmed them with my own airing of the grievances about lazy teenage ranch hands that say they fix fences…
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    The airing of the grievances

    The 0 on the shoulder means she is a 2000 birthdate
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    The airing of the grievances

    Bred heifers explaining to me that the grass actually is greener across the fence.
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    Soil Health and Fertility

    HD, last year was the first time I looked at the Texas A&M info on the nutritional value of Gulf Coast grasses. Rye grass and clovers typically have twice, TWICE the protein of Bermuda. We also have variability in the nutritional value between silage cut on hilltops versus the stuff we get out...
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    Thanksgiving Pasture

    Tetraploid Rye planted with seed drill
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    Thanksgiving Pasture

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    Soil Health and Fertility

    Next step is to test the nutritional value of your forage
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    Good advice is timeless.
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    20 month old bull

    The boys have been on pasture with mineral and silage. They have not fallen apart but aren’t doing anything either.