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    Are they ready?

    His calving ease epd’s are good too.
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    Are they ready?

    Going to put a young beefmaster over them. His bw was 73 pounds and his parents are tanks.
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    Long Journey

    I like that yellow cow. I have one like her. She was poor as a snake when i bought her but looks good now and raises nice calves.
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    Are they ready?

    I just opened up a lot of annual Rye that i planted in october to them. I excpect them to come in again around the 12th and I’m adding the bull On the 17th. That gives them 6 weeks on winter forage, hay and grain. Once they’re bred i’ll cut way back on the grain for the first trimester.
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    Are they ready?

    I’m below Macon and we were still having frost into April this year. It was in the teens around Christmas for several days. Then again a few times in February. Flies and gnats are almost a year round this here. I was feeding Sunday and swatting gnats. We had a couple of pretty hard frosts mid...
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    Are they ready?

    2 years ago I had some in December and it was around freezing but it was also windy and raining. One was having her first calf and I had to get it lined up and started. Another was a Brangus that didn’t clean up for about a week and i worried about that wet nasty placenta basically wicking cold...
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    Are they ready?

    I only keep a few cows. This is the first year I’ve synched the cows up. I usually have some around November and some Around April. I’m ready to have a calving window and late fall just works better for me.
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    Are they ready?

    Last year we had a couple of nights in single digits but that’s rare. The problem is it can be cold and raining for a couple of days then hit upper 70’s to 80 a couple of days after that.
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    Are they ready?

    February is usually the coldest month we have and we get a lot of rain. Bred in January I’d expect October calves. That’s usually dry weather and gives them a month to put a little fat on before the first frost.
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    Are they ready?

    Prices have crashed here but aren’t quite back to pre covid.
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    Are they ready?

    These heifers were born last November. Would you breed them In January based on these pictures? The yellow cow is the mother of the paint and the black cow is the mother of the dark brindle.
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    Rain 🌧️ !

    Most years Thanksgiving is when the rain finally comes back around here. Some years it rains constantly from now until April. Makes it hard to get anything in the ground in the Spring.
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    I do plan on sending a sample of manure off. I need to know if I have a problem.
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    No, manure looks a little tighter the las couple of days, and the back arching started yesterday. I was late worming and thought she might have a heavy worm load when this started. She’s 12 or 13, still has good teeth and hasn’t been a problem before now. I’ve had her since 2020