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  1. Susie David

    Baby calves can i make it work

    Experience is the best teacher. Easy to buy a sick or poor doing calf if you don't know what you are doing. Milk replacer is expensive, calves can't do well with the cheep stuff. Think about the time it takes to make a few gallons of milk...we used a propane camp stove and a 5 gallon stock pot...
  2. Susie David

    For the Aussies

    Hey Folks...I need some advise...I'm selling a RV on Craigs list and I got some inquiries fron AU. Is there that good of a market that a fella from down-under would be willing to have one shipped from the states to Australia? Could be a scam...what do you think. Thanks... Dave Mc
  3. Susie David

    wintering steer calves

    With good feed you can get more gain than that, I'd expect 2 -3 on 18-20% alfalfa. We winter steers simply because we sell alot of freezer beef and have customers that expect spring beef and a constant supply during the summer. For us some animals are just not ready to slaughter when the...
  4. Susie David

    Your favorite breakfast food?

    Never had much liking for breakfast...just not hungry early in the morning but for dinner now some fried spuds with onion, green chili and some good sausage mixed in, eggs right out of the hen, over easy with pepper and salt, buttered sour dough toast to push it on the fork and if I'm in the...
  5. Susie David

    Handling cattle: Who taught you ?

    Don't keep a mean cow on the place and definately use the grain darn old to chase cows anymore. Staying calm and moving steadily makes for a easy job of moving our cows, but then our gals have been with us for a few years and know what we expect of them. Read up on low stress cattle...
  6. Susie David

    I thought i had this figured out

    We faithfully attend the bred cow sale in October and buy a few head every year calve them out and keep the best pairs and make a few bucks on the lesser ones. We try to keep a few extra tons of good alfalfa in the barn for the winter over. It is a whole lot easier to buy a good animal and keep...
  7. Susie David

    Startup breed questions

    My Friend, I hope that you have identified your target market and have figured how you will fit in. I mean who are you planning on selling to and who is your competition and what share of the market do yoy expect to capture. I'm sure that your business paln has all these factors and alot more...
  8. Susie David


    Some of us old fellas can't see all that well at night anymore and throw a couple of loads of buck shot at the coyotes when we hear then in the pasture...real shame if some starnge trailer is where it shouldn't be, coyotes yipe, pick-ups give off a tinny clank when hit. I bet the neighbors will...
  9. Susie David

    Songs that get stuck in your head

    Every now and then "Plastic Jesus" gets stuck and I embarass my bride with the chorus. Conway's I Like to lay You another favorite when I'm on a long drive with the bride. DMc
  10. Susie David

    F1 Black Baldy Heifers

    I'd buy a load of them at that price, to bad you are so far away. They are right at $1000 up here too and it looks like we haven't seen the end yet. Not a bad time to be thinking about retireing, for real this time, Haven't rebred yet and nice pairs are going for $1800 and then some. dave Mc
  11. Susie David

    almanac weaning?

    Tried it most ways and haven't noticed any difference in almanac weaning or any other phase of the moon or stars. Just the calves out of the really good mothers seem to take the longest. Fence line weaning works best for us. Dave Mc
  12. Susie David

    sweet corn

    I'll stay away from the super sweet varities. Great fresh but I find that it is way to sweet when frozen. DMc
  13. Susie David


    We still have frozen ground but have my seed spuds ordered. I don't plant until we have a soil temp of 45 degrees and then two rows every two/three weeks. I time the last planting so that our last dig will be Oct first and have spuds for the winter markets and our pantry. Had a little over a...
  14. Susie David

    Buying bred Heifers... Why even do it?

    Learned my lesson on buying bred heifers that I don't know the genetics of the animals. Got a really good deal on a real nice heifer at the sale, beautiful Angus and we were looking forward to the calf. Getting close to calving I got to wondering why she was sold...found out when she went into...
  15. Susie David

    Horned and color genetics

    Got to have two horned genes to pass along...Angus are polled and do not carry a horned gene...unless there is one floating in there from a cross breeding generations ago. Strange how the genes will come together when least expected. We got a brockle faced calf from a cow that has thrown six...
  16. Susie David

    Getting cows to eat hay

    Spend the nickles and get the cattle some quality should be green and leafy. Poor feed will only lead to more problems than you are able to deal with. The animals need nutrition and getting it out of a sack is expensive. Believe the old addage...You can't starve a profit out...
  17. Susie David

    What to do?

    We all would be rich if there was a definate answer to that question. I try to run a few stockers and keep our cows bred. We sell freezer beef so we need a continious supply of steers and we tend to cull fairly hard so replacements are necessary. Looking to retire so this may well be our last...
  18. Susie David

    Must be the weather

    What are the deer doing...a cat will bring the deer out of the woods and into civilization. Watch the deer herd movement, if there is alot of adgitation and looking around more than normal could be you have a cat problem. Sounds a bit strange but a hand held black light will detect the spray of...
  19. Susie David

    When to breed.

    Alot of good advise so here is my two bits worth, asked for or not....We like to let the heifer grow up a bit and shoot for at least 80% of adult weight at breeding and calving at two years (add a month or two). Alot depends on what weather you want to calve in...below zero Decembers and...
  20. Susie David

    Storm arrival

    Seems like the storms trigger calving. A foot of new snow yesterday and right on schedule. Dave Mc