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  1. millstreaminn

    Pasture/hay ?

    What's the difference? I always thought a Bush Hog was a shredder?
  2. millstreaminn

    John Deere 350B

    We had the same problem with our dozer. Starter would turn the engine but not fast enough to fire it up. Figured it was the batteries so changed them. No joy. Changed the starter and now starts like new.
  3. millstreaminn

    Reduced Waste & Cost/Ton with Balage ?

    How are you getting spoilage? Is the outside spoiled coming out of the wrap or is it spoiling because its not eaten fast enough? I feed a fair amount of balage and have almost no waste.
  4. millstreaminn

    When to use crop chopper on baler?

    T&B: I don't have a mixer but do bale a fair amount of bedding/mulch hay. From reading another forum, I'm getting that they are used mainly for TMR mixers, but would be handy for mulch and bedding also. I've read they take a good deal of power to run, some say over 100 hp tractor. The baler...
  5. millstreaminn

    When to use crop chopper on baler?

    It's on a round baler. I pulled this off of the McHale website: Knives in the chopping unit of the McHale V660 variable chamber baler can be engaged and disengaged from the tractor cab. When engaged, the knives extend into the spine of the rotor, which ensures a consistent cut quality. Knives...
  6. millstreaminn

    When to use crop chopper on baler?

    I'm looking at a different baler that has a retractable crop chopper on it. Since it is retractable, there is obviously some crops you wouldn't want to use it on. Wondering what crops/conditions that would be?
  7. millstreaminn

    Hay Tractor Poll

    IH 966 on discbine Kubota 4800 on tedder Mahindra 4035 on rotary rake Kubota M100X on baler Kubota L39 to load bales Kubota 4900 on wrapper I really like the Kubotas for haying. Lite enough to get around easily buy plenty of power to run my small equipment.
  8. millstreaminn

    A Hay Calamity

    Same weather pattern here. One field to go, made 115 wrapped bales, 32 dry. Thank God for the hay wrapper.
  9. millstreaminn

    Bed and Breakfast

    The closest thing I have to a B&B is a 2 bed room self catering log cabin I bought in May 2017. I bought it because it was too close to my farm and I didn't want someone living in it. I paid $74,000, rent it for $225.00 per night and book it through my hotel. For the 2 years I have had it...
  10. millstreaminn

    Self employment options?

    We have a fracking company staying at the hotel. They are begging for employees. Boss said they need to go through 100 people to hire 20. 1/2 can't pass the pizz test and the rest don't have drivers licenses. PM me EZ 14. I'll get you in touch with a good company that is hiring. You would...
  11. millstreaminn

    Stock Market

    I'd say this pullback is an excellent buying opportunity, if you plan to stick around awhile. I bought a little bit more of Netflix, Amazon, Halliburton, Nvidia and Microsoft. Most of these are way off their all time highs and they are all good companies.
  12. millstreaminn

    water in tires question

    I bought a tractor from Tennessee. Tires were loaded with windshield washer fluid.
  13. millstreaminn

    Outdoor Kitchen

    Well Done!
  14. millstreaminn

    Thinking about a new tractor

    I have an 8540 (about 10 horse under the 9540) 300 hours, 4wd, cab and loader. I took the loader off as soon as I got it and never put it back on. Now I use it for spraying and hauling a bale wagon. Used to bale with it until I replaced it with a Kubota 105X. The 105 is twice the tractor of...
  15. millstreaminn


    Here's where I got my idea to drown them. Was the best method for me: ... rmites.htm
  16. millstreaminn


    Spider mites. Get a magnifying glass and you can see them crawling around. I had a post about them a while back. Never did find a spray to kill them. What I ended up doing that worked the best was to submerge the entire plant in water for 15 minutes. It will drown the mites. You will have...
  17. millstreaminn

    AI yourself?

    I also took the class from Sire Power years ago. I used to AI my own dairy cattle and did my beef for the first year. With only 10 animals to breed each year, it cost more to maintain the semen tank than it was worth. I still have a Select Sire tech in the area and use him on all my cows.
  18. millstreaminn

    Anyone spray thier house for cluster flies?

    Had the cluster fly guy come and spray the outside of my house 2 years ago for cluster flies and it worked excellent. Very few flies in the winter/spring. I didn't want to spend the $300.00 this year to have it done and I am sorry I didn't. I called the guy that did it last year and he...
  19. millstreaminn

    Napa filters getting pin holes

    There is not anything rubbing on it. The filter would have been put on in Feb or March of this year, so it probably saw some salt. Even though, any filter should be able to hold up for 6 months even with heavy salt. I'll take a pic when I get around to changing the filter. There is a pin...