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  1. ksmit454

    Bagging up - first calf heifer

    I have a first calf heifer due in 2 weeks. She’s just now ever so slightly starting to bag. My previous first calf heifers began bagging over a month before calving. Is there a lot of variation on bagging up for first calf heifers?
  2. ksmit454

    Feed with bugs

    These are the bugs. They are teeny tiny and as far as I know, are dead now. We left the feed out in the sun for a few days and there aren’t moving around anymore.
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  4. ksmit454

    Feed with bugs

    True… wish I knew what they were. They are teeny tiny, almost look powdery.
  5. ksmit454

    Feed with bugs

    I work at a feed store and we got a pallet of sweet cob that has little teeny tiny bugs in it. After leaving it in the sun the bugs are all dead. I am able to get the pallet at no cost, would it be ok to feed to my feeder calves? I would hate to waste a whole pallet and really I don’t think...
  6. ksmit454

    When to process… always a guessing game.

    Thank you, that’s the plan is to process them in December. Should be good and ready by then since they will be on a good finishing ration.
  7. ksmit454

    Chances of cow talking calf.

    Unfortunately the cow ended up drying up and we are bottle feeding the calf now. Mama cow went to the auction!
  8. ksmit454


    I also have been banding at birth, usually within 3-4 days and never given tetanus.
  9. ksmit454

    When to process… always a guessing game.

    Thanks BFE. I just bought her about 2 weeks ago. I might be able to find a customer who is ok with the smaller carcass. How much finishing time do you think she’ll need? She’s pretty fat, but she still young.
  10. ksmit454

    When to process… always a guessing game.

    I really would like to sell heifer #3 and heifer #4. My main issue like you mentioned, is that I already have these beef sold for customers, so I feel as if I am scrambling to try to replace them to keep good beef supplies to my consumer. I always predict a hanging weight average from 750-850...
  11. ksmit454

    When to process… always a guessing game.

    They were born Spring 2022. The heifer #3 is actually the youngest of them. But she’s pretty small, my guess is only about 600-700lbs. She’s only been on grass. Bill was dexter and really well muscled. Cow was b&w face. Maybe I can make an appointment to have her done sooner? I don’t think she...
  12. ksmit454

    When to process… always a guessing game.

    Nice hanging weights. Mine usually come out anywhere from 750-850 hanging. But I have always done steers so I’m curious to see what the heifers hang out as. Yes I have been using the meat shop in Martell. I have also used TBonez in Auburn. I am looking to buy 2 steers if you have any for sale or...
  13. ksmit454

    When to process… always a guessing game.

    Steer #42 Steer #47 Heifer #1 Heifer #2 Heifer #3 These 5 above are the next batch to be processed. My thought is to let them grow a little larger and process them first week of January. That leaves us only 7 months more, and I would begin graining for the last 4 months. What do you...
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  20. ksmit454

    Nuts on or off?

    I would say leave him be. We had a “steer” that we purchased that ended up showing signs of a bull. His name changed real quick to “one nut”. We processed him and he tuned out great. Couldn’t tell a difference in the meat compared to steers. Also with him, I contemplated trying to cut him and...