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    How did you get into cattle business?

    My family has farmed in some way for as many generations as I know of. My mom and dad's dads were both oldest boys in their familie on row crop farms in the delta of eastern Arkansas, my dad's dad grew up during the depression on their cotton farm. My dad's dad row crop farmed a little and kept...
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    Experience from years ago.

    I've missed out on a lot of deals and some that wouldn't have been a deal but something I would've liked to had over the years because I find it disrespectful to start asking about their loved ones belongings at a time of grief. There's been times I've regretted not asking but I'm just not wired...
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    Putting weight back on thin cows

    I do not, but the guy I bought him from I assume does because he sells bulls and he had him several years and he is registered.
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    Putting weight back on thin cows

    That's his coloring, first Registered Hereford I've seen like that but I like it. Probably something else in the woodpile somewhere but doesn't matter to me. I bought him from a hereford breeder, he'd saved alot of heifers from him so needed to move him.
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    Putting weight back on thin cows

    This is how I like my cattle to look. Grass, hay and minerals is all these have had. Those 2 yellow cows are bigge framed than I prefer but I got a good buy on them last year about this time and they’re good gentle cows. The yellow steer between the 2 yellow cows belongs to the darker yellow...
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    Are they ready?

    After my ordeal last year having a calf born in 0 degree -20 windchill from a cow that was supposed be 2nd period when bought 2 weeks before I don't want anything born between late November-Mid March. And I'm not a fan of mid June-mid September due to heat and bugs.
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    Angus steer feed

    I'd feed them at least a 12% protein feed at 5lbs/day each and free choice hay through the winter to keep them growing, when grass comes on let them graze and maybe keep feeding them 5lbs/ day and when the summer slump hit I would increase to 10lbs/day then 15 and then either go to full feed and...
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    This was not my experience although mine were more of a longhorn type cow. Bought them bred to black baldy bull, 4 calfs, 2 black baldy,1 rwf, one spotted up, all had scurs. Next year bred to ultra black, 1 black and white line backed, 1 spotted, 1 speckled,1 black, all had scurs. None of it...
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    Lime Question

    Or prison
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    Where do I go From Here?

    I was having this discussion with a neighbor the other day, it amazes me how many veteran hunters will take a shot with a rifle towards a house or road because they can’t see the house due to brush, trees or hills, but they know the house or road is there. I hunt a little and when I set up I...
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    Putting weight back on thin cows

    They sold one pair that I thought on that sold for $700, cow was sure enough poor, I didn’t bid because she was so poor and had the squirts real bad and my first thought was Johnnes so I just passed. I like a bargain but also don’t like to push my luck.
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    Putting weight back on thin cows

    They actually look a little better today than yesterday, guess a belly full of hay and water helps. If I was putting them on grass right away I wouldn’t have been concerned, I like my cows fat going into winter, especially with th calves on them. @kenny thomas i don’t even give the tags a...
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    Thanksgiving food traditions

    I agree, if a sermon goes too long or down too many rabbit trails I get lost or lose interest. We went to church previously that started at worship at 10, preaching around 10:45 and wouldn’t let out until a little after 12 or maybe 12 if you were lucky. I just couldn’t follow along for that long...