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  1. annmariemz23

    Diesel shortage

    Yeah. Look at the cities via Google Earth.
  2. annmariemz23

    Round balers-twine or netting?

    Baler is 30 years old, chain drive. Not sure you can even adjust how close to the ends the twine ties.
  3. annmariemz23

    Round balers-twine or netting?

    It is an 847 Autowrap...New Holland
  4. annmariemz23

    Round balers-twine or netting?

    Wow, thanks for all your replies. I will run them by my son tomorrow to see what he thinks since he is the one actually running the baler. The last time I ran that baler it plugged up while baling a neighbor's windrows that were full of short dry grass and bull thistle. I had to pull the...
  5. annmariemz23

    Round balers-twine or netting?

    We have made square bales for 30+ years. Then we decided to buy a round baler. We liked the fewer moving parts. However, the strings on it fall off the ends of the bales. We leave the bales in the field longer than the squares because people told us it took longer to cure and we didn't want...
  6. annmariemz23

    Antiviral vaccines difficult to administer

    The repeater syringes aren't a problem at all. Only disposable ones. It is tedious to have to keep filling syringes when vaccinating 50 head.
  7. annmariemz23

    Antiviral vaccines difficult to administer

    Virashield 6L5 HB
  8. annmariemz23

    Antiviral vaccines difficult to administer

    The 8-way vaccines with clostridium aren't a problem, and the respiratory vaccines didn't used to be a problem. This time, it got all over my hands when the bottle leaked, and it is oily. I use a 16 needle, and if the needle is sharp, that is, used on fewer than 8 animals, it penetrates fine...
  9. annmariemz23

    Antiviral vaccines difficult to administer

    We have noticed that the antiviral vaccines are difficult to administer unless using the kind of syringe that you plug into the bottle when vaccinating a large number of animals. If you only have a few to vaccinate and try to use a normal syringe, the liquid requires a great deal of pressure to...
  10. annmariemz23

    I am getting this sometimes, whats up? Did I do something wrong?

    Yeah, I got this message on a political thread. I am highly suspicious that it was censored.
  11. annmariemz23

    letting cattle do the fertilizing ???

    Got some really stickery hay for a lower price. Hay is just not available right now. We pulled so many stickers out of eyes that we started feeding on the ground. Even then, the stickers crawled up their faces.
  12. annmariemz23

    What's this....

    That is absolutely correct. I had a group of cows get into the neighbor's pot garden. They had been skittish, but were definitely stoned as we moved them out, moseying down the road, looking to the left for a while and to the right for a while. Hilarious!
  13. annmariemz23

    Cow came up limping

    My experience with foreign objects in the hoof of either a horse or cow is that they are usually extremely painful. Refusing to put the hoof on the ground is usually what tips me off. Otherwise they usually put the hoof down and then limp and pull it back.
  14. annmariemz23

    Rooting up my hay pasture no more

    Every time we get all set to bait and hunt them, they move out. Got a sow yesterday who had pigs. I am hoping something gets the pigs. There is a bear around and maybe he will get the pigs.
  15. annmariemz23


    Vetricin is dilute bleach. My dental technician said some people use a product where sodium hypochlorite is the effective ingredient for a mouthwash. Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is an amazing chemical. It purifies water and then oxidizes out when it is done. Years ago a third world country...
  16. annmariemz23

    Hair loss in calf! Sore spots? What is it?

    My immediate response is fungal infection. The spot near the hock is a pressure spot where he would be rubbing the ground when lying down. It looks pretty wet, a condition which encourages fungus. I agree he looks a little thin, and possibly is therefore fighting something else which makes...
  17. annmariemz23


    Flies hugely exacerbate pinkeye problems. Hard to tell how much LA-200 helps because you have no true basis for control group in the study. However, patching the eye does help. We also use Vetracin ophthalmic spray and fly dust bags in quantity. We have had less of it this...
  18. annmariemz23

    Shooting in the foot

    My neighbor sells to people in the San Francisco Bay area and gets $12/lb for his grass fattened meat. However, he has to find someone to kill and hang it, and then drive 2 hours to a slaughter facility and then deliver to the people. He is starting to wonder if it is worth it. Not enough...
  19. annmariemz23

    Expected extreme heat wave temperatures

    Well the fire that burned out our range last September-October traveled 12 miles in a short time. We kept thinking, they were crazy for telling us to gather our cows in the area since the fire would have to go downhill, across a river, and uphill, across a wide road, and down another hill...