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  1. OLF

    show heifer need honest opinion

    Agreed, the heart girth looks to be her weak point.
  2. OLF

    Grass fed beef

    From the website, I don't think they feed any grain. They stress 'grass fed' and 'grass finished'. If they only said 'grass fed', that should mean that they were raised on grass for at least 85% of their life. Grass fed can still be finished on grain. I agree it can be misleading, but that...
  3. OLF

    Profession and Yourself

    Nope. I know the Bonnette's well, but I am at Overlook Farm. We might make our first trip to Keystone this year.
  4. OLF

    Profession and Yourself

    Grew up in NJ suburb. Went to school in NC, worked four year on college farm with commercial beef cattle and farrow to finish hogs. For twelve years, managed an estate selling grassfed beef, pastured pork and free range chicken and eggs, and raising Arabian horses. Spent a few years on...
  5. OLF

    Anyone doing this?

    I think they call that an ox. :D
  6. OLF

    off to look at more bulls

    Would that suggest that Angus and Brangus are the best suited to your environment?
  7. OLF

    4-h heifer *updated photos*

    She looks like a sweet little heifer. She has good muscle, and you have plenty of time to fill her out. If "Showing 4 fun" is your goal, I think you've got a real winner, but I wouldn't be surprised if she brings home a few ribbons too. Good luck.
  8. OLF

    off to look at more bulls

    I don't know the standard for Charolais, but he seems to be fairly well put together. His lack of condition doesn't let you see his potential, but it also doesn't hide anything. He is narrow up front, which I generally don't like, but I guess it could help on heifers. I think his hindquarter...
  9. OLF

    Beef Production - USA vs Australia - Ringside Seats!

    Do you have pics of his full brother that we can see? How does your Star Lake bull hold up in tough conditions? I'm sure he wasn't developed the way you develop yours, unless you bought him as a calf.
  10. OLF

    calf behavior

    Normal behavior. After feeding her, leave her alone in the pen. Don't let her follow you around and don't make a pet out of her, that will be a problem later on.
  11. OLF

    Selling packaged beef straight off the farm

    Absolutely, to each his own. I raise them on grass for 15 months and then pack as much grain into them as I can for 90 days. I love a juicy, fatty steak. For our niche, we want to be 'customer accredited' rather than 'government accredited'. Our customers are encouraged to visit the farm and...
  12. OLF

    Feltons comparative

    Agreed, I like a well muscled bull. So, what would be the ideal cow for a bull with strong marbling and a weak REA? Would he better for producing daughters than for producing steers or bulls? (774 does have many popular sons.)
  13. OLF

    Selling packaged beef straight off the farm

    True, but the ones that are willing to pay top dollar want to know.
  14. OLF

    Feltons comparative

    If you put put that much fat in the muscle, your going to put some fat on the back too. Match him to a cow that produces lean, heavy muscle and you've got something.
  15. OLF

    Feltons comparative

    OK, I took it the wrong way. I guess I'd let 517 and 774 battle for the top of the hill.
  16. OLF

    Semen Semen For Sale GK Explosion 412T 10 straws @ $75/ straw
  17. OLF

    Feltons comparative

    If matched to the right cows, Legend, Ozzie, Magnum, Meat Machine, Lute, Lexus and Endurance are all useful.
  18. OLF

    how to make baldies

    Is that 774 semen for $20? Are certificates available?
  19. OLF

    Selling packaged beef straight off the farm

    Do you put "Natural" on your label? My packer won't let us put natural, grassfed, hormone free, or antibiotic free on our label unless it is certified by the government. I think they're putting rigid definitions on everything now.
  20. OLF

    whoops...that can't be right?

    The evaluations are based on performance ratios within contemporary groups. So, if the herd in the baron country had two bulls, the best and the average, their calves would be compared. If the best bulls calves weaned off at 300lb and the average bulls calves weaned at 250lb, that would be a...