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  1. farmwriter

    whattya really look like?

    Well, thx. It's a lot nicer than my ragged out Jeep, that's for sure!
  2. farmwriter

    whattya really look like?

    That one was. We actually bought it with a/b 500 hrs on it from a guy who wanted a bigger tractor. When his new one got a/b 500 hrs on it, he wanted the old one (with the drive-over mower deck) back, so we traded for his other tractor, so the one we have now is a smidge bigger. The compact...
  3. farmwriter

    whattya really look like? Maybe this will work. I have totally given up on posting pics here.
  4. farmwriter

    If you didn't know before ...

    I just make peanutbutter cookies for Bailey - we can all enjoy those.
  5. farmwriter

    Catahoula Leopard

    I have sack-broke cows, and Bailey - my 8 yr old female catahoula - is my pet first, mediocre cow dog second. She has way more drive than I have need for, but she makes a heck of an alarm system on our farm and is a good balance of friendly and protective. She's good with the brood cows, but I...
  6. farmwriter

    any recipes

    I use a plain old eating spoon from the drawer, so measurements are not exact. For 1 cafe-sized mug: a heaping spoon of dark cocoa a level spoon of sugar a spoon of honey a pinch of salt a splash of cream - stir together in the mug to make a thick paste Heat 1 cup milk in microwave; pour slowly...
  7. farmwriter

    Bella's Puppies

    :clap: :clap: :clap: For all the crap that's stirred up by the net, it is really a good way to share in others' joys too.
  8. farmwriter

    Amy Winehouse....

    I liked her music, and thought her voice was a powerhouse. But boy did she ever seem screwed up, so I can't say it's all that shocking, but sad nevertheless.
  9. farmwriter

    Bringing cows from Texas to Alabama

    I guess that would make a super-growthy terminal cross, but my first thought was you'll have 17-1800 pound cows faster than you can say feed bill. Just my :2cents:
  10. farmwriter

    blind cow

    Is there a visible problem with the eye or are you basing it on the calf's behavior? *Sorry, misread the first time and thought the calf was blind.
  11. farmwriter


    I'm certainly still on the young side of most of the members here, but I sadly and clearly remember the first time I fell down... and it really hurt just hitting the ground. Sure made me feel old for a day or two.
  12. farmwriter

    Braford and tigerstripe?

  13. farmwriter


    Kerley, I can't believe you got that much rain! All I got was thunder, but I don't wanna sound like I'm complaining. Grass looks better now than it has in all of '11. I never thought I'd be so happy to see all those stubborn bahia tassels!
  14. farmwriter

    black vs red or any other color at the sale barn

    We pulled calves and took em straight to the sale barn (bunk broke, but not weaned) this week. As close to "apples to apples" as I can give you, we sold two well-built but young steers with ear: black 405 lbs - $1.42, brindle 395 lbs $1.38. That means somebody was willing to pay $30 more for...
  15. farmwriter

    Operation Pork Chop

    That's a great thing you're doing, so if you want some help on the postage - or any of the rest of it for that matter - I'm more than willing to contribute for that cause!
  16. farmwriter

    I never have seen it this dry.

    We sold 10 bred cows (out of season with the rest of the herd, but we were gonna calve em out and try to get em back on track) yesterday afternoon, trying to cut down on feeding and hay $$$. People w/in an hour's drive of us have gotten enough rain to keep their pastures going, but every storm...
  17. farmwriter

    It's dry in south Alabama!

    Last rain we got was about 1/2 an inch on May 13, and everything was already crunchy at that point. Still praying earnestly for relief here.
  18. farmwriter


    Kerley, you can buy it @ the Co-op, no problem.
  19. farmwriter


    I know it's not a zesty dill recipe, but if you like sweet pickles, this is about as easy as it gets. My (great) Aunt Jo makes these every summer, and they are so fine on their own and also make a fantastic addition to slaw, chicken salad, etc. I guess it's likely a no-no as ILH said because...
  20. farmwriter

    Prayers needed

    Bless them all, I cannot imagine the difficulty. You have my prayers.