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    A new adventure

    You don't live on the wet side of Washington, you live on the wet wet side of Washington, the Olympic Peninsula. Best wishes for getting through your health situation.

    Homemade Creosote

    You know when you go to change the oil in your tractor and you drain the old oil out so you can put new oil in? The old oil that you drained out is burned diesel oil.

    Tom T Hall

    RIP Tom T. Hall, he was a great one. My favorite of his is The Year That Clayton Delaney Died.

    Tom T Hall

    I do. Sirius XM channel 31, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 90% of the time The other 10% is divided between Willie's Roadhouse and the Frank Sinatra channel.


    Saw a Danny O'Keefe concert at Georgia Southern College in 1973 while he was riding a wave of popularity after "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues" hit the charts.

    Advertisement 🤨

    The answer is right there in the fine print "odd, but brilliantly useful with a cult following".

    2021 Silverado

    What if you back into a tree with the tailgate down?

    Give me a freaking break Virginia


    The Jesus Shot

    Don't drive six hours to Mexico for what you can get at Dollar General.

    The Jesus Shot

    Get the shot and/or regimen of pills at your nearest "Urgent Care" facility which are as common as Dollar General stores. Steroids, cortisone, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatories, that's the name of the game..

    Cleveland Guardians

    The future ain't what it used to be.

    A letter of resignation

    yada, yada, yada

    Cut-over spraying question

    Burning does not get rid of stumps or kill stumps. The herbicide kills the stumps so they can rot. It depends on species and size how long they take to rot. Most hardwoods and pine will be rotten enough to run over with a rotary mower or push apart with a FEL in two, three, four years. The...

    Cut-over spraying question

    Brute, you would have to dodge around them the same way they're dodged around with a tree planter. If you do it before it gets overly greened up the stumps will be easy to spot if you got a good burn on it.

    Cut-over spraying question

    You need to have a helicopter do a reforestation site prep spray over it, wait 60 days after spraying and burn it off. Best time to spray it is late August or September. Likely the spray will be chopper gen2, Garlon4 or Garlon XRT, and mso crop oil. It will kill it all. I have this done every...

    New favorite sport

    The greatest sporting event is FIFA World Cup. Sadly, it's only held every four years. Next one is in 2022.

    Don't you like being kept in the dark...

    Reasonable persons are for all practical purposes non-existent.