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  1. gusea305

    Saying Goodbye

    Well folks, I am expecting I will be banned any moment now. I just wanted to say good bye and thank you. I have learned a lot from all of you I have interacted with. Be well and blessed and may your herds as well. If I somehow do not get banned...well I look forward to many more years from...
  2. gusea305

    Murray Grey Cross Calves

    Here are this year's calves so far. They are still in my sacrifice area.
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  7. gusea305

    Land in exchange for labor over the yrs for employees

    Go see an attorney who specializes in real-estate and estate planning and wrap it all up in a living will / trust and the kids won't have a thing to say about it.
  8. gusea305

    Feeder Alfalfa

    Yeah, it hurts, but I am glad I got it the beginning of hay season.
  9. gusea305

    Feeder Alfalfa

    It is more likely I could find rye grass straw. I like this idea.
  10. gusea305

    Feeder Alfalfa

    Thanks. I will give it a shot. Yeah alfalfa is more expensive here too. My partner didn't want the company to put out the money. I knew we were going to have a difficult time so after repeated no's I bought it myself. It was early enough in the season that it wasn't too bad. He thought it was a...
  11. gusea305

    Feeder Alfalfa

    I need some help here folks. We are down to a few days of grass hay and I am not interested in paying 350 to 400 a ton for more if I can keep from it. I still have about a dozen haylage bales, and a semi load of 1300# bales of feeder alfalfa. What will happen if I feed straight alfalfa? I was...
  12. gusea305

    900-Pound Cattle-Eating Gator

    I have eaten a lot of crocodile but not gator, do you guys know how they compare? That is quite a gator.
  13. gusea305

    Skull ID?

    This guy is good and significantly less than most but he quoted me 1300. He tried to talk me into a full live mount as the bear has a white spot on his chest. For that he wanted 3200. I thought about it but it was a bit above my means. Also we are in a small oldass double wide with low ceilings...
  14. gusea305

    Skull ID?

    Yeah it's like a morgue over here. His skin is at the taxidermist. Normally I wouldn't do that but this one is personal and he was in excess of 425lbs. He is gonna hang over the back of my couch. Might have to get a bigger couch though. Hehe
  15. gusea305

    Skull ID?

    We have a lion over population problem here. One of the things we are finding is that as the mommas get old, or their teeth get like this they move within a very short distance of places with cats, chickens, goats , sheep what have you. They are still putting out litters but they are teaching...
  16. gusea305

    Skull ID?

    Here is a bear skull for comparison. Granted this one still has all the meat on him yet.
  17. gusea305

    crossbred bull question

  18. gusea305

    crossbred bull question

  19. gusea305

    Feeding Area This is one brand. I get mine 13x300 not certain what brand I am using as I bought the roll off a neighbor who had an extra after he finished his roads. Use use another kind too that looks like that orange construction barrier but...
  20. gusea305

    New Member Introductions

    Welcome from the Pacific North Wet.