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    I need a miniture Herford Bull

    I am located in south Ga. I have beef cows but I purchased a miniture female and i want to get a small herd of them started for hobby and freezer beef.
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    I need a miniture Herford Bull

    Im looking for a minuture Bull Herford pref. but i will take any miniture bull i have a female that will be in heat soon.
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    what should i grow in my pasture

    For summer Ladino clover and CB.
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    Gelbvieh or Limousin

    Well the thing that I dont like about limo's is that they dont give enough milk. I seen them practically starve there calves. Gelvich limo cross would be a good cow.
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    moving cattle

    Go with what dun said that how i do it
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    feed for holstien steers

    I usually raise mie on gass untill they are about 800ib then they go into the feedlot eating regular cow feed or snapped corn & hay ground together for bout 2months then the slaughter house. I usually sell most of the meat
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    Tarentese on

    So I guess no one in here raises Tarentese
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    anybody use

    I concur
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    Wannabe Cowboys

    Well whoever the hell u are guest u are a cowart , not man enough ta state who u are. Yes I said ta I knew what I was saying. Yes I am black and I dont appreciate the comment u made either. Me being black has nothing ta do wit me raising cattle. Do u have somthing agianst Blacks!
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    Replacement Holstein heifers

    what is free martins?
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    Wannabe Cowboys

    BP were u born knowing everthing about cattle? No I think not. U had ta learn. So why wont u give others the same oppertunity! Thats why this board was created so people could learn. Say what u wanna back but thats the truth and the truth hurts so let it burn.
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    Black Baldie Bulls on

    I didnt mean bull and cow from the same herd. So no one uses black baldie bulls in there herd?
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    anybody use

    Black baldie bulls on there cows and hefiers? if not why dont u
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    Tarentese on

    Tarentese bull on Black Baldie and herford cows. This is what my grandad is doing. I want ta know what his calves will look like. has anybody else tried this?
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    Black Baldie Bulls on

    HAs anybody tried black baldie bulls on black baldie cows? It seems that would be the logical thing ta do. Both have the traits u were breeding for with Herf+Ang. right?
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    Favorite Brand of jeans!

    South pole/Vibe/ and Army pants
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    Feeding Range Cattle

    for me some hay and a trace min salt block does me well on range with holstiens so I know it will work for beef cows
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