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    Farrier income

    And then the next client is mad when we're running late from bad behaved horses or extra horses or clients running late . But yup it's my fault lol
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    Farrier income

    Clients that rnt ready for there appt ( horses they can't catch or r coverd in mud or so on ) then u have the il mannerd kicking biting or striking with owners that say it's cute but don't have a clue how to Correct it or thinks there just playing !
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    Farrier income

    I am a full time farrier six days a week plus I hold the contracts for two race tracks and we still raise cattle on top to make ends meet ! The reason there isn't more .. here we go
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    Grafting calves on a dairy cow?

    All seams to depend on the cow but I have had a lot of luck with jerseys my one raised five plus her own last year
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    Is this springing??

    Was she preg checked ?
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    Sticking my toe in the water..

    Yup u have to be crazy lol
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    Newest herd bull!

    Beautiful thick animal
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    Picture Day

    Beautiful cattle
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    loading a bull into trailer

    Find some one with a good blue healer and he will forget his aches and pains real fast and jump right on
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    New family member

    Coming from some one that has a year old blue healer great choice of dogs ! ( as long as u have the time ) lol my first time letting the pup work the cows she had them rounded up and up to the barn in no time flat !
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    Bull for Charolais Heifers

    Breed to a gold calving ease angus bull for the first time and have no worries
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    Best breeds for a cold climate?

    Angus and angus char cross cows do great for me up here . Shelters and good quality feed go along way to help any breed in the cold
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    Black Bulls on Green Grass

    Jealous I have snow and mud lol
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    finishing steers

    I second farmer jan I raise and sell all my own and it's not all fun and games wait till u have sickness and have a big vet bill or a dead steer . Or better is too get it hanging in the butcher and have some one back out ! Just saying it's easier to say then to do . Best of luck
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    What breed is this bull calf ?

    Lol he s the one that's telling us it's a bull lol
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    What breed is this bull calf ?

    Brahma char cross looks like steer material
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    Monumentally bad decisions

    God gave man two heads but only enough blood to use one at a time
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    First New Calf of 2017

    Nice calf