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    Cherokee Phantom

    Cherokee Phantom has to much chrome ,It's hard to breed the white off his calves . Use Black Stone ...
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    Tricky Twin Mothering ?

    As long as she has one calf most cows won't look for the other twin. I just pull one calf off and sell it or graft it on a nurse cow. Out of 4 sets of twins this year I only have 3 live calves ..I Hate Twins.
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    A friend rethinks things

    Heart attack 2 years ago did it for me . Life is to short make the best of it .
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    Daily Joke

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    Old picture day. 1966

    Might be
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    Old picture day. 1966

    Looks like a 1958 ford.. maybe, Its been a long time ..........
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    How times have changed - tv

    My grandmother married at 13 my grandfather was 20 .
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    Brailsford not guilty. Video released

    No . But the article has been changed and updated from when it was first posted
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    Brailsford not guilty. Video released

    That's a little misleading , trying to cover for this cop. Shaver was killed Jan. 2016 , Vegas shooting was Oct. 2, 2017
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    Changing fuel filters----algae????

    Try Killem Biocide . Also I think Lucus makes a product that works .
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    CIDR tail up

    It will be alright .
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    Super Rare Sight!!!!!!

    I just hate the scrawny butted things :lol: :lol:
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    random picture thread..whatever it here

    I had to back up to get the picture . I hope they were planing ahead and not holding on to grandma.
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    Could you survive

    You better have alot of ammunition and not be afraid to use it....
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    Ideal Nurse Cows ?

    This old girl takes any I put on her . She was a cull from a dairy.
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    Dirt cheap

    This might explain the steer.
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    Lurkers sign in here

    ditto :tiphat: I need to get my post count up... :D