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  1. J

    Rain 🌧️ !

    2.1" here. Another thing to be thankful for.
  2. J

    Wormer for cattle

    Yes. Sub Q only.
  3. J

    sun going dark today

    I, like you would rather have the rain.
  4. J

    Aluminum Livestock Body ?

    Thanks for the replies. Not looking to buy one. Just wondered. Here everything was EBY for years. Not that far to the plant in Pennsylvania. Most were owned by BTO or custom haulers. Lots of one ton to 2 and a half ton trucks have been replaced by trailers. Lot of calves were hauled in on a...
  5. J

    Aluminum Livestock Body ?

    Does anyone make a 20' or 24' Aluminum Livestock bed any longer? Looking at EBY site only shows a pickup box. I know most have gone to trailers but it seems like there's still a place for a 2 1/2 ton truck to haul cattle. I've even seen 8' covered aluminum beds in the past. Friend had a 12' on a...
  6. J

    Still good people

    Hope you're soon better.
  7. J

    Its beginning to look a lot like...

    Bear numbers in this part of Va are up much higher than when I was young. Deer numbers have come back from the beating they took in two back to back winters in 09 and 2010. Turkeys have gained around here. One thing that has seemingly slowed is coyotes and I'm not complaining a bit. We don't...
  8. J

    Grease Choice

    I've been looking at restocking my grease supply. Locally, I can Get Red N Tacky for 6.99, Shell Rotella HD for 6.49, and Valvolene MP for somewhat higher in addition to TSC generic. Online, I can order R and T for for 6.57, Wolf's Head for 5.23 and Triax Spheron for 5.99. All seem to be rated...
  9. J

    Husky pole saw Mr.Trent please help!

    Need to check that out on my FS90.
  10. J


    Some of it around here
  11. J

    Where to Keep Tractor

    Most farmers I know only dream of a closed, heated shop. An open shed with a good roof should be all you need. Concrete floor would be nice when doing major repairs. Even a closed shed can't keep rats or mice out.
  12. J

    Worried- My Bull is walking slow, looks tired and sad

    Thanks. I didn't take the time to read through all replies before I posted.
  13. J

    Worried- My Bull is walking slow, looks tired and sad

    I don't know if this has been talked about but a test for anaplasmosis or other tick borne diseases may be needed.
  14. J

    How do you call the cows

    I seldom watch much news. Bookmark several news sites on my computer and scan some headlines. If something seems interesting, I can read until I want to stop. I don't need someone telling me what they want me to think about something. Wish they'd go back to telling what happened and let people...
  15. J

    How do you call the cows

    Interesting how cows are to sounds. One neighbor has a '95 Ford with a 7.3 diesel. When I "upgraded" to my '93, I could go into my adjoining field and his would start to bawl and look at the truck. Not because they weren't fed or out of mineral, I can promise you. They were looking for that...
  16. J

    How do you call the cows

    Can't spell it correctly but still use the one Dad did a lot. Something like " Whoooooork". You'd have to hear it :) If they are close by of after they come, it's usually "C'mon girls" or "C'mon calves". The sheep always got "Sheeeeeeep". Daddy had a "71 Ford 4X4 with a nice note to the horn. On...
  17. J

    Covexin 8 at banding.

    It might. Too bad we can't use the old "Dr LeGear's" disinfectant we had when I was a kid. The coal tar in it had a smell that stayed with them. And you. 😂 I like to spray screw worm spray around the area.
  18. J

    Covexin 8 at banding.

    I don't know how much it helps but I like to at least spray a disinfectant on the area of the bag I'm going to cut. Also put disinfectant on the scalpel between calves or if it gets dropped. I wear vinyl or latex gloves also. May not help much but has to do some good, IMO I would think putting...
  19. J

    7.3 Powerstroke question

    My 7.3 IDI had a factory muffler that was rusting out. Flared out the exhaust from 1-7/8" stock to 3" and added a cheap glasspack Ran a 90 in front of the wheel to get exhaust outside the body area until I caught it on a fallen branch. Sawzall at the 90 and go. Relatively quiet as long as you...
  20. J

    Battery powered pole saw question

    I ordered a 20V Skil brand. I think it may be enough. It does have an automatic oiler and a 2.5 amp battery. I think it could upgrade to a 4 amp if I need to. Price was livable. I not going to do a lot .