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    Thank y"all!! Sorry I haven't been on here posting. I have got on and looked around a little. It's been a long hard pull from my major back surgery but I am pretty much back to normal now. Takes a long time for these old bones to heal. I will in the future try to get on here a little more'...
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    CT Roll-Call

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    What Are You Drinking?

    Big tall glass of cold buttermilk
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    Military questions

    Reading this reminds me of some of the stories my grandson has. He is a P.I. and works for a firm that investigates mostly for insurance companies. Out of Seattle Wa. Told me of a guy working for the boeing plant who was drawing quite a sum of dollars every week and was trying to get a large...
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    Since back surgery I do a lot of walking.
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    Spinal Stenosis

    I am in the recovery process now of surgery on my back. I started out with lower back pains for about two years or so. I finally got so bad I went to see a doctor, He told me I had a torn legament(sp) gave me pain pills and was told to stay in bed. After one month of this I went to another...
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    Army worms

    I had 40 acres of wheat destroyed by army worms. I plowed again and disked it up. While plowing I saw hundreds of moths flying around. I want to try to replant. Do I go ahead an replant or spray for worms and replant? There is fields around me that has coastal and Johnston grass in them.
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    Never to old to have fun and

    Yes sir I think it would be fitting.
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    Never to old to have fun and

    Nope! Knew screwed up when they started running
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    Never to old to have fun and

    start trouble. Bought a laser light for my rifle and stepped out on the porch just at sundown to try it out. Shined it out in the pasture where the cattle were and started flashing it around on the tall grass in front of the cattle. Now this I a lot of fun with cats but not the same with cattle...
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    I always spray my britches legs and boots with off. When I do get a few on me I've found that a shower as hot as you can stand it and plenty of soap will usually get rid of them and relieve the itch.
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    Favorite Lines

    Waiter: How would you like your steak? Pepper: Oh, just knock it's horns off, wipe its nasty a$$ and chunk it right here on this plate.
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    Eye Opener

    I know the feeling just yesterday I was riding through some thick brush along the creek and ran upon an old sow with about a dozen suckling pigs. Glad I was on the 4 wheeler.
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    Favorite handgun?

    I am a fan of wheel guns and have several. It would be a toss up between my Ruger 45LC or my 44mag model 29. However having said this my usual carry is a 9MM Makarov. Nice and compact and does what I need it to do. Cal
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    New stockman knife choices

    I bought a case single blade and yellow handle at the feed store about 12 years ago and am completely satisfied with it. No# 3137
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    Uh Huh

    I usually respond with, doing good until someone tells me different" then how about you?
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    Best lawn tractor brand

    bought a yardman in 2004 and still using it. I mow about an acre of lawn. I bought the 22 horse 42 inch cut and have only replaced blades and belts. Change oil and filter every spring. Still trying to figure out why the he11 you need cruise control on a rider mower. Cal
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    area of expertise

    Right out of high school started working for uncle sam (army) got out after 8 yrs. Then worked for a logging company. Moved from that into over the road truck driver for 15 years. Then worked for a company as a maintenance supervisor for 20 yrs. Retired in 2005 and been babysitting moma cows...
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    We'll never have a good discussion

    Several years ago I stated my thoughts on cats and caught he!! for it. But I will say again any cat I see on my place I name it Target. Cal