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    brangus sale

    I was just wondering if any of you planned on going to the Char-No Brangus sale in Williamson, Ga. I got my catalog the other day and they had some nice cows and heifers in there.
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    Char-No Production Sale

    I was just wondering if any of you were planning to go to the Char-No Brangus Production Sale on Sept. 30th. I just got their catalog and they seem to have some really nice cows. Hopefully, I be able to see them on sale day.
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    What breed should I use?

    I'm going to be getting some Brangus cows and want to know y'all's opinions as to what kind of bull to use. I've been thinking about hereford, charolais, angus or brangus. I'll be selling steers at the sale barn and maybe selling my better heifers as replacements. Let me know what you think.
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    Horned x Polled Herfords

    I thought an animal can be homozygous polled and still have the scur gene. I also believe that it is sex linked.
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    free breeding contest that I found

    I was browsing the horse classifieds the other day and saw this breeding contest advertised. Thought i'd post the address in case any one may be interested. Both studs are AQHA. Heck, it's a chance to have a free foal.
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    New colts

    it's a lot easier with the cows..use a homozygous black bull and get all black calves.
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    New colts

    bays are black based horses with a gene that restricts black to the points. grullo is black plus dun. so crossing them would result in bay, black, dun, or grullo assuming she's heterozygous for dun and he for agouti(the black restriction gene). If they are both hetero. black then you can also...
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    New colts

    My mare had her filly this morning. Seems like I waited forever. I don't know how to post a pic but here's a link. ... h/id9.html
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    GA Simbrah breeders

    Anyone know of any Simbrah breeders in Georgia? I'm looking to get a few heifers and maybe a bull in the spring.
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    OLDER bred mare

    I recently purchased a 25 yr old reg thoroughbred mare that is in foal to a qh stud. It was a deal so I took it. My question is what special care should I take with such an old horse...a pregnant one at that. I have an appt to take her to the vet in a couple of weeks. In case you're...
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    grey baldies

    I got a nice grey baldy simm. heifer out of a red diluter baldy simmental and a bwf simmental bull. There's a pic of her on my site.
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    Who's semen is this?

    I was able to get the registration numbers and names off the straws.
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    Who's semen is this?

    It's Gretzky GVC 748X, Polled Justice 298Y, Polled Pack Leader, LKCC Tomahawks Touchdown, and Master Brun. I don't know if these bulls are much good or not. I've never really dealt with limos. Let me know if you've had any experience with these bulls' calves.
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    Who's semen is this?

    I think the guy said the semen came from ABS. He took his Beefmaster semen out of the tank before he sold it to me and said that he had left me some semen in there...mostly limousin. I don't plan on using the limousin semen, but I'd like to know who the bull is if I decide to sell it.
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    Who's semen is this?

    I recently bought a tank from a guy and it already had some semen in it. Most of it is Limousin. LM250 10/5/89. LM003. 295Y 8/13/91. 90LM 950 3/5/92. GRET 3/20/89. Thanks in advance.
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    I've got a baby on the way!!

    I took my mare to the vet yesterday and she was confirmed in foal!! It will be her first and mine too. You can see a pic of her on my site. I'm hoping for a grullo. Here's a link to the stud: She's due 4/31/05....I'm sure time will slow...
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    Lucky Roll

    I was thinking about breeding some of my cows to Lucky Roll next year. Does anyone have any calves out of him or have seen some? What's your opinion on them? Thanks in advance.
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    Early maturity

    One if my neighbors just had a Simmental heifer to get bred that was still nursing on mama. The heifer is only seven months old. Of course they gave her a shot of Lutalyse though.
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    I would give her up to two weeks more before thinking about giving her a shot. It's normal to go up to two weeks early or late. I would also let your vet check her before you induce labor. You wouldn't want to create an uneeded mess. Good luck!
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    Ask on the horse board and they'll help you out.