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    Cow is off and I can't figure it out

    Vet thinks it is Listeriosis, I guess time will tell
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    Cow is off and I can't figure it out

    Her temp is normal I'm going to have the vet out tomorrow.
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    Cow is off and I can't figure it out

    Thanks for the ideas. We are in Ohio, Pastures are very lush but they have been all summer. I did catch her chewing her cud late last night but she did not seem to be enjoying it. Already stuck my bare hands in her mouth so I hope it's not rabies.
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    Cow is off and I can't figure it out

    Three year old cow with a five month old calf, she is in great shape and has plenty of good pasture. I noticed her first because she was hanging back from the other cows. Anyway she is penned up now and she acts like her mouth hurts and drooling, she is not chewing her cud neither is she...
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    jd 4430

    Will it move at all? What trans? Differential locked? trying to shift into two gears at once?
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    How will we feed a growing world?

    Just selling solutions that cause more problems
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    bull with issues

    Well thanks for asking one stopped by and I talked with two others lots of guessing tetenus,botchelism,(yea I can't spell) or some other sort of poision were what they all were thinking. He got a ride to town it's alot better cashing a small check than digging a big hole
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    OCC genetics

    Ohlde cattle have faults like all cattle but I had to look back 2 2008 to find any calveing trouble that had any Ohlde influence and that was out of a little clubby heifer. I might get some **** for this but 6807 IMO was no great cow maker it was the original cow herd bred to focus or ext that...
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    bull with issues

    4,in a pen now was in a barn with lot kinda muddy but not sink to your knees mud was with a few bred heifers that will calve in the next few weeks. Heifers all seem fine.
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    bull with issues

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    bull with issues

    I have a bull that in the last few days has developed a loss of appetite, is drooling and acts like he is not real with it. Also does not like to bend his neck to eat but will sometimes, sometimes not- if I hold feed he eats most anything I give him but not as excited about it as he should be...
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    OCC Unmistakable 946U

    I would just use his sire if it was up to me.
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    New Dodge trucks with 6.7 diesel engine?

    I deleted my egr and dpf on my 07 C&C at about 50,000 miles I used the H&S mini max and put a valair dd clutch in at about 70,000 miles really like the truck now and would buy another one. Mpg's are up about 4 mpg.
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    Contract Cattle Work

    So you load up horses,dogs,truck,trailer,pay $4 for fuel,set everything up and work cows the guy that ownes them can't for $100-$150 a day? Might as well just do it for free, cause they need help or you like it. I'll donate my time to most folks if there in a bind, but I won't hook up the...
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    I'm buying a new hay farm, good idea?

    Unless I can wear it out, I hate to buy new equipment. I think you'll make money on the land and loose on the equipment. Heck you can get someone to do all the work for about 20 a bale.Urea was $475 in Davis on tuesday.
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    Best breed for maternal & terminal bulls

    why does anythong like this always kill the topic?
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    Dodge 3500 A\T

    5.9 or 6.7?
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    Buying a new baler JD or New Holland

    I baled over a 1,000 bales a year with a 1850 oliver and a 430 deere baler for several years had about $9,000 in the pair. When I sold them I lost about $1,500 bucks. Not really trying to tell you what to do,but you could buy some pretty nice stuff that you won't lose much money on for about...
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    SAV Sale

    I waited for all those pics to download on dial up and no pictures of the girls :cry2: The fattest of my Ohlde type cows don't produce as much as most of the more avg.ones. Maybe this cross will work for you. What will you breed these Ohlde x SAV cows to for replacements? I'm not trying to...
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    Cattle for the south?