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    most productive small frame commerical cattle?

    I would look at Senepol in your area for heat resistance and no ear. Have used them in KY and they work well.
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    Just make sure you are not looking at sericea - that stuff is BAD.
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    Young bull/breeding season

    Common problem with "bull tested" bulls. A 2 year old bull that looses weight in a 90 day breeding season is not one to hold back heifers from - can you say "Hard Keeper" ? The bull will have almost 275 days to rest and get fat before using again-- if he is down so far he needs feed, he needs...
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    Yall wanted some close ups of my cattle well now you got em.

    Noticed a lot of sage grass in back ground - Indicator of poor soil ph - when did you lime last? Had any soil test pulled lately? Could be why they are eatting so much mineral. What did you pour on ground to get the cows to come to that one spot, I did not see any feed- but they sure were...
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    Needing input on these bulls

    I tell them exactly what I have told you above - These cattle will make you profitable heifers and the steers will sell well also - even to the feedlot guys. Why??? Because you get more money per pound of calf at lower weight, you can run 10 to 20 percent more cattle of my type on the same...
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    Needing input on these bulls

    Feed cost is the largest cost of the cow calf producer. To maximize the profit you need to control cost. Just getting the largest calf to sell is only looking at half of the equation - Gross Sales less Expenses = Profit. The extra growth comes with a price - you must feed or provide the extra...
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    Needing input on these bulls

    I know the owners of both of the bulls. These bulls are typical of the breeding they use. Rather high EPD on milk - probably too high to use for any low input program, the ww and yw are also high for the average producer, again the owners are very willing to feed the cattle all they need to...
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    Anyone going to the Sydenstricker Sale this weekend?

    Good luck guys - better take a Big Check book - I doubt if you will be the sole bidders on those corn fat cattle.
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    Bird Flu Symptoms

    Seek medical treatment if : 1 High Fever 2 Congestion 3 Nausea 4 Fatigue 5 Aching in the joints 6 An irresistible urge to crap on someones windshield.
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    Preg checking

    Easy method is to run a fall and a summer herd. Just turn a yearling bull in with the "off" group and he will not only preg check every cow in the field for free, but he will fix the problem if you have an open one. I know many are in areas that think don't work well with fall calving - but...
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    I would have very little idea But, I would say you can find out by starting your linebreeding program. You will be better than most of the show jocks that are chasing the fad cattle since you are at least selecting for a type and not blindly looking for EPD numbers.
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    One more thought on your F1 use. Remember Secretariat - the great race horse. He never did sire anything worth talking about. The perfect example of heterosis! He did have a few daughters that made decent mares - but not big $ winners. Most of this came from his decent pedigree. Using...
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    Jim can be reached at [email protected] The last I heard, he has new books on order - last ones are sold out Very sharp man - with a very good book. The basic deal for you now is to select the best sons of the best cows that show all the traits you want and start breeding those half...
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    Dad won't let me go!

    Dad is right - he loves you and wants only the best for you. THERE WILL BE MORE CLASSES IN THE FUTURE, so just be thankful you have parents that are looking out for you- rather than letting you get into a potential situation you are not ready to deal with yet. Spoken from a dad with a...
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    There are some true Angus left!

    I wish I knew where there were consistant bred herds of cattle with the same phenotype.... Ollie - the place you look for that is with linebred cattle - the master of that is a hereford breeder Jim Lents. His "Lamplighter" newletter is great reading and his book - "The basis of Linebreeding "...
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    bull question/problem...

    Had this on a bull several years ago - better to just ship him now - They just never get back to where they were - the libido seemed to have left as well as the function.
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    New Herd Bull

    Good summary - seems somebody just bred to the "hot bull of the month club" for several generations. Now we have a hard doing bull with a fancy pedigree and his daughters will be hard doing, if they get bred.
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    Angus Question: Daughters

    $EN epd figure gives you an estimate of Savings on maintenance energy requirement - so the larger the number the better you will be on the highest variable on profit in the cattle industry - Feed Cost. If you are breeding for replacement heifers - that figure should be top consideration. Other...
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    $1.67 corn

    "Mail box Money" is all most grain farmers live for. The other corn income is just payment for recreational tractor driving. Do you see any Gov handout for the cattle people? Knowledge of the big hogs at the trough is not a problem for me - I like to know where my tax $ are going.
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    Please explain EPDs.

    No the "o" or the "+5" means nothing - just a base from years ago. It is just a DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TWO EPD'S that is all you are talking about. Rmember also that Milk EPD is not pounds of milk - just pounds of growth expected in the animals Daughters! We are talking 2+ years out to see that...