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    Cotton seed meal

    Will cotton seed meal make my bull sterile?
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    How many bales?

    50 Lb bales. Fertilizer program from soil test and buffalo variety.
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    How many bales?

    If I was to plant 6 acres of alfalfa how many square bales of hay could I potentially get for the season?
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    Money making in cattle

    Have 12 acres wanting to see what would make me the most profit with cattle. Raising 200 Lb calves on winter annual? 5 beef cows and sell calves? Larger stockers or heifers? Real thin cattle purchased and put on grass?
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    Baby calf to 400lb

    How much grain would it take to get calf from weaned bottle calf to 400lbs?
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    If you are able to share photos share some of your Aubrac also! Thanks!
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    Brush style cattle

    Talking about more brushy rocky ground.
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    Brush style cattle

    More so longhorn cross cattle.
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    Brush style cattle

    Got some very ruff ground in central ky. Looking to maybe get some cows for it this spring. Would like some real hardy longhorn Brahma style that could live in those conditions. Where would be the best place to start my search for bout 20 cows. Maybe stockyard in south tn??
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    Cherokee Phantom

    Does anyone remember the Beefmaster bull Cherokee Phantom or black stone? Did anyone ever use these bulls? I have some semen on these to and was going to use it. Just seeing what people may think of the bulls calves.
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    Cherokee Phantom

    I know they are both old bulls but has anyone here used Cherokee Phantom or black stone Beefmaster bulls? If you did how did you feel about the results?
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    Where can you get Tuli Semen in the us? Has anyone tried this breed or senpol? How did you like?
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    Fleckvieh, shorthorn Or Normande

    When getting Fleckvieh Semen can you get a better price on young bulls or bulls that are outdated? Would like to try a bull like Waldhoer.
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    Fleckvieh, shorthorn Or Normande

    What Fleckvieh bull do you fill works very well?
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    Fleckvieh, shorthorn Or Normande

    I have 4 Brown Swiss nurse cows that I am looking to breed. I am wanting to try and breed an animal that is more grass base. And more hardy. And more fertile. I dnt need her to be a real milk wagon just enough milk to raise 3-4 calves. What would be the better cross Fleckvieh, milking shorthorn...
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    Feed ration

    It is dry
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    Beefmaster bulls

    Is anyone ai with Beefmaster Semen? If so what bulls do you like to make great brood cows?
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    Fescue and little clover is growing on it now.
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    So what would you do with 12 acres? I dnt have a fence on it?