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    Would this bull be acceptable to breed heifers with?

    Wouldn't really count on the epds,,,, unless the source is an angus breeder that actually weighs calves at birth and doesn't just fudge it...
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    Ken Caryl Mr Angus & S Titan 7777

    I think you are right George...
  3. K

    Grass Finished Bull Breed

    We sell around 75 grassfed steers a year and use Ohlde cattle company angus genetics exclusively,,, they do the job in all aspects.
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    Joined five years ago today

    did you move to? thought you lived in Illinois... Yep, moved the operation to Missouri, right about the time AC was exported to Arkansas... But from Indiana, not the people's republic of Illinois ..
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    Joined five years ago today

    Apologize Jed , otherwise, he'll show up back up here again...
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    Fun w/ friends you meet on Facebook!

    I was told to avoid meeting people in person people from the internet too. But When Angus Cowman and his gate opener invited us to come down and stay overnight at their house, I took the chance... She turned out to be normal.
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    FarmFest Springfield, MO

    Dun could you carry around a sign that says Dun on it,,, or if you get tired of holding it, hang it from a string around your neck? Denvermartin: we live north of Ava.
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    Check out my bull

    Glad to see that not much has changed on here, except it is much more polite... Hi Vic, you made me laugh! Calhoun: glad to see you are feeding him regularly, he will certainly grow better now. In all seriousness, I see that you are in Tennessee , when you want to buy a new bull, check out...
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    FarmFest Springfield, MO

    We will.
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    Wye vs. Ohlde

    When people think of linebred angus cattle, Ohlde cattle are usually mentioned.
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    Basin Hobo 79E

    Why Basin Hobo ?
  12. K

    Think I may be FIRED

    When I started reading this I thought that Jed firing you might be the least of your problems when Laurie found out.
  13. K

    Star Lake Dispersal

    Is Brad Paper trained? Doesn't he even get indoor plumbing down there?
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    Itchy insect bites in KY

    Same story here, I would like to know also. AC, said chiggers, but they are not...
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    Angus Cowman

    Happy 34th. Brad... Hope you got that net wrap on all right today and rolled up a couple hundred more. You must work for a slave driver to be doing that on your birthday...
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    looks like a job for Iso or Hook

    Oh, I thought you were searching the help wanted ads.
  17. K

    looks like a job for Iso or Hook

    You guys are missing the real question here, , , How exactly did you come across this AC? What were you googling?
  18. K

    What we deal with on a DAILY basis Remind you of anything AC?
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    Portable Corrals

    We have several rented big pastures, which is why I am interested. I wonder if you put a bud box in the small side, if your alley would work any better?