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    Feedlot training

    I definitely agree about knowing who is going to be riding your horse - and know everything! We lucked out. One of the best horses we ever owned (sadly, he died a few years back) was a Saddlebred gelding. He was the best team penning horse we've ever owned. That may sound funny, and folks...
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    And, if that doesn't work, consider doing the same in Montana. The horse may have come from any surrounding state.
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    You might check with your library and see if you can interlibrary loan a brand book from that state. Or purchase one from their extension office.
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    Tips on keeping skeeters from biting you

    Thiamine works, but I was taught to take 300 to 400 mg. every 3 to 4 hours, as Thiamine is a water soluble B vitamin and doesn't stay in your body for very many hours. Take it 30 to 60 minutes before you go out into mosquitoland for best results. The mosquitoes will still hover and may land...
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    Finding Used Saddles

    It took some patience and looking, but I found a great used leather child's saddle on ebay a couple of years ago for just under $100. I hadn't thought of looking on ebay until a rancher friend suggested it.
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    My husband had just finished milking out one of our older Murray Grey cows that had freshened one spring so we could replenish our freezer supply. He had used an old lead rope to tie her. She pulled back, broke the lead rope, stuck her head in the full bucket of milk and drank the entire...
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    llama vs cattle

    You may want to check out the height of a fence that a llama can jump. We had a neighbor with 2 intact llamas that started patrolling the fence and eying our calves as if they were prey as soon as they were born. Not long after, the llamas levitated over the fence. The cattle herd ran to the...
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    What is the going rate for shoeing in your area?

    Our regular farrier charges $20 to trim & $65 to shoe & we take the horses to him. We had a new farrier come to the house today as my husband has to have knee surgery and we aren't up to hauling the horses right now. He charged $30 to trim and charges $65 to shoe. Our regular farrier taught...
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    Bull Got Loose

    With electric wire, I like to run one wire just about nose high on a cow, then another along the tops of the posts. If they are steel posts, you can buy insulated caps that tap onto the top of the post with a hammer. You run the wire through the insulated caps. Remember, though, that some...
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    Lost another one - 7 wk old calf, what's the cause?

    Just a suggestion, but you might consider ear tagging your calves at birth so they're easier to match to their mama's.
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    Plastic ties on bales of hay

    About 15 years ago we were given a cow for slaughter by a farmer friend. He always puts his round bales out with the twine intact, and has a huge twine pile in his pasture. When that cow was butchered on the farm, she had a twine ball in her about the size of a basketball. No wonder all the...
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    I have one tame beef cow. She leads the rest of the herd when I need to move them through a gate, etc. She'll eat apples out of my hand, is halter broke, but definitely knows the meaning of the words No or Back. She also will let me milk her IF I halter and tie her. I don't consider her a...
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    And, remember, a horse lowers its head to the ground in order to graze, so keep working with your horse until he lowers his head as far down as you would like. Stand by your horse's shoulder and encourage your horse to both lower his head and flex his nose in toward his chest. If he is...
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    Peppy San Badger

    I've got a beautiful buckskin mare out of a Peppy San Badger descendent, Holy San Prom. She is absolutely calm, but more cowy than any horse I've met, except for her sire. She was a dream to train. She is also a very affectionate, people oriented horse. My husband picked her out as a baby...
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    Sores appear on old Brand

    From your first post, I didn't think much of it. I have one 15 year old cow who was branded too deep as a yearling. The site would crack and bleed from time to time in the summer but she did fine. I found putting udder balm on the site helped a lot. But, a sore that shows up years after...
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    Young Horse has Swayback?

    Good description, Alan. Something we did instead of saddling the horse, is to use a cinch over the top of the horse's back, just behind the withers, and a latigo just snugged under the belly. Tie your elastic or leather straps from the halter to the cinch rings. This prevents the chance of a...
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    Soil PH Levels

    Your local extension agent will also have kits you can send to the state ag college for testing. We've had good input from doing that. I suspect the students run the tests. The first year after we bought this property, we were literally only able to germinate 3 kinds of weed seeds, nothing...
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    Corn rows

    My uncle taught me to plant corn this way. Sow four to six corn seeds a couple of inches apart, then move down the row a foot and plant four to six more corn seeds a couple of inches apart, etc. My corn likes growing that way much better than in a thinned "proper" row.
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    Deer eating Garden

    We've used Hinder with wonderful success for years now. We're the only folks on the block with apple trees that aren't hit by deer. And, deer have a regular route right through our property every night around midnight. We used Hinder frequently for the first several years our apple trees were...
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    Liquid manure...?

    With your location, consider that a high pH might be causing the problem. Your description matches what we watch for in our area. Our soil pH is extremely high here in the high desert of Utah. Even though the minerals are in the soil in great abundance, they are locked up by the high pH...