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    Vaginal Discharge

    Thanks to all for the suggestions. They are always appreciated.
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    Vaginal Discharge

    Have a 10 year old cow with cottage cheese like discharge. If she is bred, would only be a few weeks. No fever. She seems to pee more than usual. Eating fine and doesn't act sick. Any suggestions?
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    The media spin on the Zimmerman/Martin case

    My sons' noted, our family would have had the skittles and drink opened before we left the parking lot. It seems he had other plans for the products.
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    Where would you go ?

    Estonia...They lost their freedom to Soviet Union after the 2nd World War. Took until 1994 for the Russian troops to leave. They know what it is like to have all their right taken from them. Now they protect their freedoms at all cost. When we were there, the guide ask us what we thought...
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    Zimmerman jury seated

    Is the anonymous jury or a majority for conviction?
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    Zimmerman jury seated

    If Zimmerman is white-hispanic, doesn't that make Pres. Obama white-black? Media has to label to stir emotion.
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    Zimmerman jury seated

    Listening to closing argument makes me want to puke. Never want to be apart of a jury ever again. No faith in the our judicial system.
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    Any reason why the police thread is locked?

    Mentioning the address, it is very close to downtown Dallas and the traffic is a witch. Only go in that neck of the woods when business forces me to. The traffic will make you wan't to whoop some butt.
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    He made it!

    Thank you for all the positive comments. It is so good to have him back to his normal self. Life is good.
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    He made it!

    It's been a long 6 month, but you all were right. My son is doing great after 6 months of chemo for stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma. Next step is a PET or CT scan every 3 months for a year. Look at the difference from when he started until he finished. He was so weak when he started we had to open...
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    What a Jerk!

    Not a time to hold people's need financial help as a bargaining tool.
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    What a Jerk! Rhode Island senator goes on a tirade about the southern tornadoes and how it is our fault.
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    Spaghetti Legs-Twin Issue

    ?v=-dEP7OeTn4E Took a week before he fixed himself. Looked painful to watch, but it didn't seem to bother him. His twin sister didn't make it.
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    Calf with weak ankles & knees

    Have you talked to a vet. Ours says that splinting only prolongs the problem. They don't gain the strength or natural stretch to fix the problem. Just a thought.
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    Starving Calf- About 3 weeks- & Calf Manna

    Background Information: Calf was on the cow until last Sunday. So 3 weeks on the cow. At that point, he lacked energy and was being left behind by the herd. We knew he wasn't in great shape, but that we were erring on the side that it was best to leave him on the cow. Cow (14 years old)...
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    Starving Calf- About 3 weeks- & Calf Manna

    No scours and doesn't appear to be sick. I don't know if he is mentally challenged or if the starvation has something to do with his desire to be hungry or suck. Give him a few more days, then time for the bullet.
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    Starving Calf- About 3 weeks- & Calf Manna

    Calf will not take the bottle. He has no suck in him. It's been 4 days. He doesn't even seem hungry. We have been drenching him about 6 pints of milk a day. Put out some calf manna and he is nibbling on it. Can he live off of calf manna alone? Any other suggestion other than a bullet...
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    Calf leg ???

    We had one that was injured (broken leg) and it healed. It was a little larger than the other leg, but you had to look for it. Vet said to give it time. He did x-ray it.
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    Taking a 3 week calf from the cow

    Cow is in great shape and is on a wheat pasture. She is old and needs to go to the sale barn. She didn't produce much milk this year and had a bad quarter to start with.
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    Taking a 3 week calf from the cow

    We have a 14 year old cow that calved. Cow doesn't have much milk. We originally thought it would be better to leave it with the cow, but now we are having second thoughts. You can see every rib and his back bone. He is still has energy. Any advice? How hard will it be to get the calf to...