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    Halter Breaking Heifer

    All of our calves get broke with a donkey. The calves are green broke (do not fight the halter, while being tied) before we put them on our donkey. In about 3 days we take the calf off the donkey and we are usually able to start walking them around with no problems. We break/re-break a few...
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    Bull Calf

    A good Simmental bull would work on her. ;-) Matt
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    AGGRAND Fertilizer

    Has anybody use the AGGRAND products and what kind of results did you get vs regular commercial fertilizer? Looking to use the products on jiggs hay fields. Thanks, Matt :cboy:
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    Can I give away free beef?

    There is no problem in this type of donation. We do this every year for Good Samaritan Lutheran Home and S.O.S here in TX. We buy hogs from the local school shows and keep one for ourselves and the rest give them away. We also pay for all processing and kill fees. The only thing the...
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    What's reasonable?

    Hey Bulllady, I would get my money back on your purchase price. If the breeder offers to pay for damages then I would give him the vet bills also. You can tell the ASA about this, but they will probably do nothing about it :( Matt
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    Brangus & Simbrah Show Heifers

    She is meaning that they raised the calf from birth and did not buy the heifer. :tiphat: Thanks, Matt
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    Ag Exempt? Protest?

    Any update on your protest? Matt
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    Retained Placenta

    What is the update on your cow? Matt
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    Retained Placenta

    Leave her alone! You can do more harn trying to tear the placenta out than letting mother nature take care of it. Keep her on the LA 200 for the fever and see what she does in the next few days. Matt
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    twins - I hate em - or they hate me

    We have had three sets of twins this year alone. One dam has have multiple sets as her dam, so yes I can say that it does run in families. Another was a bull/heifer set that we had to bottle the bull calf, she only took the heifer calf. The kids bottle fed the bull for serveral months. If...
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    Ag Exempt? Protest?

    Every county will have a differnt concentration of animal units that you must carry on your property to have an agriculture excemptions. Lets say you have 100 acres of pasture land but only had 5 cows and a bull, you would not quality for an excemption due to that your concentration of animals...
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    why background /vac/ or wean em at all...just load em??

    We used to do the same thing that most of you are talking about, wean on the trailer. But, you know with more education on the GLOBAL meat market, not cattle market, you start to relize that you are providing food for the world. You are not selling a calf or cow at the auction barn, you are...
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    Simbrah Alliance Breed Builder Sale

    Just wanted to remind everyone of the 9th annual Simbrah Alliance Breed builder sale and show on September 1st at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Brenham, TX. If you would like a sale catalog please send me a pm and I will be happy to send you one. Thank you, Matt
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    Random Question - 2

    It is not that they have a brand, it happens to be the wrong brand. That has happened for as long as I can remember and that is why you will pay more for a certian "brand" name than other heifers or bulls of the same quality. Matt
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    How to become an Embryologist??? HELP

    If you look at the credentials of most of embryo collection facilities you will find the person doing the collection work has at least a M.S. in reproduction or more offten a Ph.D. Some have a DVM and plus a reproduction degree. Now, before someone tells me about a guy who does not have a...
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    No, a lot of people A.I. their heifers to known calving ease/low birth weight bulls. Matt
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    Question about Problem Steer.

    I had a similair problem with my first show heifer. Did not like women at all. My mom could not go into the same lot as her. This steer seems to have the same problem and their is nothing that you can easily do to fix. I would "start over" again but in different way. Morning time: feed...
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    National Aubrac sale this Thursday

    Can we get a third opinion. One guys says it was great and another says it was just o.k. Thanks, Matt Schiel
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    Try to save the calf or not?

    We had a similair problem a few years back. Cow went down a few days before calving and had to do what you are doing now. The cow had the calf and we bottle fed the calf. The calf became more like a dog than a calf. We still work on the cow, keep pushing calcium, minerals, feed and water...
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    Matt Schiel Oh, so cheating is just part of the business? :mad: No, cheating should not be part of the business, but it is. Changing birthdates for alot of people is a standard operating procedure. We have never changed a birthdate on any of our cattle since in our opinion, you have to...