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    Losing Hair

    Thank you Lucky
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    Losing Hair

    Thanks Much--I thought rain rot too--not normal shedding as in past--12 years old--very healthy except this. Im getting shedding blade and medicated shampoo this weekend. It will be 80 here in Sulphur Springs Tx this weekend. Thank you for the reply
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    Losing Hair

    Hello--Im taking this pic to the vet today but does anyone know what this is? Horse is not scratching the area. Thanks
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    hay for pond

    Some people claim that horticultural cornmeal put in a porous type bag and weighted down and thrown in the pond so it sinks does wonders.
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    What kind of hat?

    If you want to wash a ball cap put it in the top rack of the dishwasher, not folded. Works well on my cloth A&M cap.
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    Yaks and Yak crosses

    "May a diseased yak leave a trinket in your cuff" --Carnac (Johnny Carson)
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    Earthquake in ARK

    It was centered near Caraway. No damage reported.
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    Earthquake in ARK

    There was a 4.2 today. Anyone feel it?
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    Another great one from Andy

    He did not say it. He denied it in 2003. Also check
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    Contact wearers

    They have Key and Carter here in Dallas, among others. Can I ask where you went?
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    Buying Land

    As of 12/04/04 the new VA loan limit is $359,650. This is for veterans only and requires no down payment. You still must qualify of course. The reason I'm bringing this up is because on a VA loan there is no ratio requirement between the dwelling and and land included in the loan. On a...
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    Contact wearers

    I have been wearing contacts for 30 years. I have always had "hard" contacts , what they call "gas permeable". They pop in when you put them in and when you take them out you pop them out by stretching the skin aroud your eye and blinking. As opposed to "soft" and extended wear you do not...
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    Lawyer jokes

    Thoses two guys were arrested for "disorderly conduct". Apparently they have made these jokes (actually truisms) a sort of crusade for a long time now while in line and in the presence of the almighty lawyer. I agree with Shakespeare.
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    How heavy can you tow????

    As far as buying the truck, I was listening to a dealership owner in Dallas (Jerry Reynolds) say that higher torque is much more important than higher horsepower.
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    to buy or not to buy

    GWH-- Actual working Samoyeds used by the original Ninsei were herd dogs much more so than sled dogs. Cross might work.
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    Rain scald

    Spray on a mixture of baking soda and water; or, potassium bicarbonate and water. Supposed to be anti-fungal and cannot hurt.
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    From what I have read and been told "calf roping" changed to avoid/answer charges from PETA about the "terrible" treatment of the cute creatures. Also I was told that a lot of rodeos especially ones that are televised "hide" the calf roping from prime time audiences Even rodeo succumbs to...
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    cutting fence posts

    Some of the Bois d' Arc posts on my land are 80 years old. They last your lifetime. Better have an awfully sharp saw or divine intervention to help cut them though.
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    Duck Weed

    I have seen this work once and some others swear by it. Especially for small ponds/tanks you put 10 pounds or so of horticultural cornmeal in a permeable type container (panty hose would be perfect but too small) some use burlap. Throw the "container" in the pond so its underwater. Dont just...
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    Certified Naturally Grown / Organic

    I know several people here in Texas that are 100% organic. They advertise their wares as "All natural" because Big Brother has evidently taken a patent out on the word "organic". A lot of people cannot use the word "organic" unless they allow some government employee with a clipboard on thier...