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    Forsaking cow/calf for stockers

    We calve on pasture the last couple years and in my opion that's the way to go. No sickness calved easy calves grow like crazy and all of the cows calved in 2 weeks to the day. We are trying to move to April or maybe start late march but if I would WAAAAAAY rather calve in may instead of...
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    Question for heifer/calf condition

    are they bred back? if so just feed them some good protein so they can maintain there condition and u should be fine. if they are open about your only option to get them to breed is to wean them. you can feed the calves when you wean if you want to that away they aren't so small
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    its good stuff for feeders that you are bringing in and for thin cull cows.
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    Feeding heifers

    to answer your question just feed at 1% bodyweight. sounds like you have decent protein I. your hay already.
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    Feeding heifers

    branguscowgirl. there is absolutely nothing wrong with having medicated feed. this feed isn't really even a medication. its just bovatec which is basically just a feed to help with feed conversion and gain.
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    using alfalfa

    would u say feed the corn at about 1.5% of bodyweight once they adjust to it or is that to high.
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    using alfalfa

    or can I get higher gai s pretty easily with these smaller calves? I've heard that they are pretty efficient
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    using alfalfa

    sorry forgot to add that its decent quality. have corn soybean meal and several other stuff that are higher in protein. I don't think they need a lot more protein but maybe I'm wrong. prefer to use corn an soybean meal
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    using alfalfa

    computer broke down so I can't figure up rations. I got some alfalfa and I was gonna feed some 200 to 300lb. calves with it. what should I add to ration to get 2lb.s a day?
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    15 Bottle Calves

    $150 a head is a steal. if they are good they are worth $375 here. 1 bag milk replacer will wean 1 calf. DONT feed more than 4 pints a calf a feeding. feed 2 times a day. feed 2 bags of calf starter and then switch them to your weaned ration. you will have to feed them grain on pasture or else...
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    Some Sort of Infection....

    The cattle with the temp of 102.3 was perfectly normal even in the dead of winter. i dont treat unless they are over 103. unless of course they are acting funny but in the summer its not at all uncommon for cattle ( espcially black hided) to run 103 with the heat and all so id say those calves...
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    la300, penicillin, baytril, draxxin, sulfa boluses,
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    Fire Sweep - Check Mycoplasma bovis

    we have only had one calf with mycoplasma and we tried EVERYTHING. the only thing that worked was the 5 day treatment with baytril along with banamine everyday.
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    IMO baytril should be used b4 draxxin micotil or those antibiotics. draxxin and those are a lot hotter antibiotics than baytril. 75% of the time baytril don't even work for us we have to use draxxin or something similar. are vet suggest trying baytril or nuflor to start with and then use the...
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    shorthorn cross

    no we buy all of our replacements so shouldn't be a problem there. sorry if this is a dumb question but does chrome mean white?
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    shorthorn cross

    bull has a dab of white on his forehead and a little on his underbelly. what's the problem with white on the bull? just wondering.
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    shorthorn cross

    howdy. wondering what you guys thought of a shorthorn Angus cross? thinking of getting a shorthorn bull just was wondering what the calves grew out like and all?
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    we try to get to them as soon as possible and all we do is take a snippers and take a tip off unless their bigger than we try to cut it off a ways. if they are bleeding pretty fast all we do is pour a little blood stop powder on it other wise we just leave them.
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    first solo bottle calf help please

    I agree if you are putting the full amount of replacer in with a quart of water u are going to rich. if its not that an he actually has a problem he needs to be treated. are vet has recommended baytril along with sustain III boluses. it knocked it right out a them but u will gave to gave ur vet...
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    Sick calves

    well if draxxin an nuflor don't help the only other 1 I would try would be baytril but if draxxin doesn't help then I doubt baytril will. also keep them on the banamine for 5 days. 1 cc per 100lbs. given every day for five days. the babamine is a great drug since it helps reduce fever, coughing...