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    So Long, My Old Friend

    Thank you cfpinz for that post you made, & giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts with Dun. CT will not be the same without him. Prayers for his family, May they draw comfort from knowing all the lives he touched.
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    215# calf

    :o How's mom doing?
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    I can imagine the conversation in heaven, "Dun must be pretty special to have all those CT folks praying for him" :nod: Dun, we will continue praying for you! Thanks cfpinz
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    Anybody make soup?

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    Anybody make soup?

    Can you share your almost secret recipe?
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    News on Dun?

    Heard back yet on Dun?
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    Unconventional Cross

    I am fortunate to have one of these gorgeous girls, she is actually a maroon color
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    Thank you cfpinz for posting, Prayers for Dun for full recovery! Dun has helped countless people on this board, myself being 1 of them.
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    Bragging on my 10 yr old son

    Congrats on both your son& daughter!
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    Stock trailer floorboard spacing?

    2x6 treated, 1/4" gap
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    Air Compressor

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    Meet Hera

    Thanks for introducing Herra & Zecca, gorgeous!
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    American Idol returning

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    Why do people dump dogs

    X2, and that's saying it nicely :2cents:
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    More then excess moisture

    :o Well, we can hope they change it again to O". One thing's for sure,they don't really know till it's here.That's why I like boy scout motto "Be prepared"!
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    More then excess moisture

    We've had road closures/detours in my area too, & they're calling for more rain :shock: Dun, we better batten down the hatches!
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    Heavy Heart

    Gives me goosebumps, so horrific. Will definitely keep Anna's family in prayer. It's amazing how the happenings of 1 day can suddenly rock our world to the core. Hope you are healing up from the "crud".
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    Having a hard time living up to the vets motto

    Thanks for the thumbs up GB!
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    Weather and crappy luck

    That many lost by 1 lightning strike, brutal. :(
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    Have i missed anything?

    Congrats on daughter& on calving season. Please keep us posted on cougar saga