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    i heard ginger helps.
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    Butcher messed up...

    I have had gator nuggets. not sure what part of the gator it was from, but they were great!
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    my first show heifer.

    I have a beefalo heifer that is buffalo/charolais. I dont know a lot about the breed, but if they are anything like my heifer im in love! As for halter breaking it takes time, but she will get it. Tie her and feed her. She will learn it means something nice. She is a nice looking girl
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    Need some advice about the yellow dog

    ive heard something about petrolium jelly, so you might try that (rub it in) or peanutbutter....but havent used either. or dawn dish soap.
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    Help! Bull Breeding Heifers w/ Same Father.

    The heifers are almost a year, and the "bull" is actually very nice. I really like him, and he has a superb temperment. He is a steer because my barn owner doesnt want a bull, so I was going to A.I everyone, but i have not had luck with it in the past. My plan for the calfs is just to slaughter...
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    Help! Bull Breeding Heifers w/ Same Father.

    I have a bull which i thought was banded and a steer (was banded before i bought him, but they missed a testicle). He is almost a year old. He has bred 3 heifers that are about the same age as him. My concern is they have the same father as him.... am I going to have messed up calfs? Is there...
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    Steer not a Steer but a bull???

    so i got a halter on him today and felt...a how young can a bull breed with one nut? and how bad is it if he bred his half sisters (they are out of the same bull as him).....
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    What to do for a chute/headgate

    Has anyone ever used a tarter head gate? Also called countryline at tractor supply company? I have a small pritty tame herd of cows, but want to AI them this fall and need a way to catch them and have them done. Do I need a headgate or can i corral into a chute and squeeze them between 2...
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    Steer not a Steer but a bull???

    I bought a steer over the winter who was born last winter (somewhere between july and august). Soposedly he was banded as a calf. He has been ridding my cows that are in heat, and actually penetrating them with his penis. Has anyone seen a steer do this or do you think he might have a testicle...
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    Free Z Tags!

    Wow. I got my tags overnight! Fast! Im Excited. We have never tagged before (only had less then 10 cows, and i didnt feel it nessisary) but our herd is growing and with registration papers and everything I am going to tag everyone. Hopefully tomorrow is the day. If so I'll take pictures.
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    My cow are dying

    I have a question? Did your vet come and see the animals or just give advice over the phone?
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    Best Breeding Strategy for 1 -2 Cow Owner

    I pay $20 for the frist cow to be A.I. and $10 for every cow there after. I dont have stocks, I just have a homemade squeeze pen (i put a round pen pannel in a corner of the barn and put the cow in between the pannel and the wall and push the pannel against her and tie it to an o ring in the...
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    Rabies Shots?

    Im in vermont and vaccinate for rabies. We see a LOT of rabies in my area, and I dont want to chance it. Just not to long ago a dairy farmer in vermont had some cows with rabies...
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    Q's about adding silage

    Also forgot to mention my grain scale broke so i cant weigh the silage. Also, the calfs i just got (6 of the 8) are pritty thin. The new cows are rescues of sorts. Some guy had about 40 cows and was putting 1 round bale out a day for them and i small tractor bucket of silage. Thin to say the...
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    Q's about adding silage

    These heifers are only 4 months old. Not in heat yet....
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    Q's about adding silage

    I am feeding the sweet feed because it was higher in protien then the corn. I'll get weights ect today
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    Q's about adding silage

    Its corn silage. We pay $7 for a tractor bucket load...Hay we are paying about 40 for a 4x4 bales. im not really sure on the weight or moisture content. I know our hay is mostly dry bales, but some are wet. I will weigh a bucket of silage tomorrow am
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    Q's about adding silage

    Right now I have 8 cows and 8 calfs. I have the calfs inside so they are compleatly out of the wind. The cows have free choice round bales, and a salt block. They also get 5 gallons of 14% sweet feed and 5 gallons of cracked corn every day. My Father in law just purchased some corn silage. I...
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    Bull Questions

    The one problem i have to worry about is that I have horses running the pastures with the cows. Im not sure if the lose minerals are safe for the horses? Right now the cows get a sweet lix mineral block which is safe for horses, goats and cows. Both of the bulls were beefalo. Actually i have...
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    Bull Questions

    what do you use for a sync protocal?