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    Angus Bulls which to use

    I would check there AM status on the american angus website and cross off any carriers first. Then go to the Australian angus website and lookup fawn calf syndrome and the bulls are implicated and remove any sons from those bulls at the present time.
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    cattle per acre in oregon

    I would suggest visiting the property before making any decisions on how many acres per animal. Bez gave you good advice. When I visited Oregon the carrying capacity varies greatly from coastal area to the high desert. How has the land been managed and what facilities are available?
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    Permantly affixed ?

    We lost a place to a new owner and remove the new fence, waterlines and other improvements when we left. Check your state laws to what is yours to take and what you have to leave.
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    Water lines for MIG

    How much area/forage will 7 animals eat in a day? You might want to have your water connection points closer together or have several hunderd feet of hose. I would suggest longer connection hoses than 10' feet to avoid future mud challenges around connection point.
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    Disadvantages of YOUR favorite breed.

    Most breeds are trying to turn their cattle black to cash in on CAB.
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    Data Shows that Quest for Choice has not Improved

    Research shows that the marbling is affect by how well the feeders are fed thru out their lifes. How many implants are these cattle getting during their life? After watching Superior Livestock sales of feeder cattle I wounder how the feeder gets some of these lots to grade at all. If superior...
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    Clover and Bloat

    If I was going to seed in clover I would use white clover because it stands grazing better then red. The trick with clover is to keep it about 35 percent or less of the pasture mix. If you are pastureing the clover after a frost that is when you need to be real careful with about bloat. The...
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    Cockle Burr

    Is burdock the samething as you are calling cockleburrs? The cows make short work out of them in the pasture. We have problems with them around some of the buildings and hay stacks.
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    Keelser Air Force Base, Biloxi MS

    I was woundering how Keesler AFB faired from the storm and if they are using it as a staging area for help? I was there back in 87. You could still see the traces of camil storm surge around the base.
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    anybody else having to feed hay this summer

    I would be glad totrade 4 weeks of rain for 4 weeks of warm dry weather. This is the wettest year I can remember. I have 200 plus acres of hay past ready to be cut and no weather to cut it in.
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    JD 2955

    I would stick with tractors that are pre computerized. The late model JD have more than there share of problems.
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    Preconditioning calves

    The benefits of preconditioning comes from the ability to market the calfs for more money. If you have a real good market for green calfs in your area you may not be able to make money on preconditioning and weaning. In my area it may mean upto $200 a head to precondition and sell thru a...
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    Where are the beef cattle in NY?

    Thank you Frankie.
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    Where are the beef cattle in NY?

    Jeanne I must of just missed your farm. We traveled all over the finger lakes region. I saw alot of land that was laying idle that would work for a beef operation. Is a source of water the limiting factor in most areas for pasturing cattle. I was surprised at how few equipment and farm...
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    Where are the beef cattle in NY?

    I must of missed the cattle area of vermont in my travels. I traveled up rte 7 to rutland, rte 4 to white river junction. I take it that I was just south of where the cattle are. I was on the honeymoon and site seeing.
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    Where are the beef cattle in NY?

    I spent the better part of 2 days driving around the back roads of NY below I 90 and saw very little beef cattle. Where are all the beef operations located? Were are the equipment dealers located?
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    What area of NY would be good for a beef operation?

    The housing developments in my area are getting bad. Every year we lose more hay fields to houses. The taxes keep going up to support the new schools and other services the new neighbors demand. I am investingating the possibily of selling here in maine and buying 4 to 5 times the land...
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    What area of NY would be good for a beef operation?

    Jeanne - Simme Valley Any suggestion on what part of NY to look at for a medium to large scale cow/calf operation? I was thinking of a free stall dairy farm with a large land base to grow feed on. What area's are freindly to farming and low development pressures? pat
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    Gestation Length

    I have to agree with Ollie on this one. We have used some AI bulls and almost every calf was late arriving and others the calfs were early. We have several cow families that have short or longer gestation periods regardless of the bull used. When dad had gelbveigh xbreds the gestation period...
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    Which breed of cattle will increase in popularity fastest

    The jersey will become very popular with a push towards grass dairies and organic milk. The Red Angus will become more popular for beef for those who like the color red. The red angus association has a good marketing agenda for the yellow tag calves.