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    where is dun?

    I got ahold of Dun late this afternoon. He and his wife are fine no major damage to the farm or cattle, just lots and lots of down limbs and no power. He seemed to think that it might be several more days before they get their power back. He said today was sunny and melted about half the ice...
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    where is dun?

    I just tried calling him and got the 'all circuits are busy' recording. So I'm guessing they have a heck of a mess in that area.
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    Some Economic Issues From Katrina

    Is it called "New" Orleans for a reason ??
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    New member "islandyorker"

    I got the same PM as well.
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    Amish Farms

    One plus Medic, they dont have microwaves. (ie your other post).
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    Clearing 15-40 acres

    The only thing I'll add is that you mentioned its in a low area, you might want to check and make sure with NRCS first that it isn't a 'wetland'.
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    Here in IL, at least where I'm at we seem to be in a mid summer pattern. Storms seem to go around us and if one hits the amounts are small and varied. One end of a field might get 3/4 of an inch and the other end a tenth.
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    Grass oddities

    I've only cut one field so far and it was 20% less than last year which was the best year so far. Last year at this time the clover was blooming by this time and this year its just barely starting to bloom. There seems to be alot of clover underneath yet thats still growing. Time and weather...
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    Wheel rakes?

    New Holland makes a Model 252 Pivot Tongue Rake Hitch. It allows you to pull 2 left, or 2 right hand rakes and make 1 or 2 windrows, or 1 left and 1 right and make 1 windrow. It's on my wish list, but so is a second rake.
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    Have you every wondered why?

    Chuck, is that both of your girlfriends or does your girlfriend have more than one son ?
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    Cattle Annie

    Cattle Annie, Welcome back and congrats. With or without cattle you'll always know more than most of us ever will.
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    sharpening sickle mower

    You might also consider spending the money and upgrading to a sickle with bolt in sections.
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    Arkfeld scale

    You could have a bad wiegh bar or faulty wiring ton one or more weigh bars.
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    Best Comeback Line Ever

    I don't know how true this is but thought I'd pass it along ... Marine Corp's General Reinwald was interviewed on the radio the other day and you have to read his reply to the lady who interviewed him concerning guns and children. Regardless of how you feel about gun laws you gotta love...
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    I assume that you mean when is the best time of year to plant wheat for straw and that would be sometime in the fall. Usually early Oct for my area but not sure about VA. No-till can work. It is harvested sometime (again for this area) late June/early July.
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    Hate to see what's in the hamburgers

    When did fast food places start serving hors' d'oeuvres ??
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    Get the Drunk Home

    3, 10, 18, 8 and 12 meters ..... I better stick with the redneck video game from a few weeks ago.
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    Gas Prices in Midwest?

    1.89 right now where I'm at in IL for gas.
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    Gaining respect in and around the industry - is it possible?

    I agree with what everyone else has said so far and good luck. My vet grew up in Chicago and he is great with large animals.
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    clean your screen

    I probably could have entertained my three year old grand dtr for hours with that. She of course wanted the kitty. I told her it was stuck in the computer. She told me to use a hammer to get it out.